Sun Broadband Prepaid Promo

I bought this sun broadband wireless kit for Php 1895 few months ago because I like what they were offering, for me it was already a value for money inclusive with the kit was 180 hours of free surfing.

So far I had a good experience with their service in fact I wrote a review about performance comparison between Sun broadband and Globe Tattoo wireless in our area.

Their service were both good but the reason I prefer Sun Broadband than Globe Tattoo was about my own perception that Sun offers a less expensive but high speed internet service.

Be reminded that since wireless broadband depends on location I can say that in our area in Tondo, Manila Sun was my preference. I also have a fellow blogger who prefers Sun Wireless Broadband than any other ISP he resides in Quezon City near SM North.
Sun wireless broadband DongleThis was only my opinion but it seems SUN really wants to capture huge market share in the internet industry that it lowers its offering from Php1700 down to Php1495.

I think the price was already similar to Globe Tattoo Wireless but Sun Broadband kit comes with 125 hours of internet (valid for 30 days) and 1000 free SMS (Sun-to-Sun).

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  • Cotton Candy Buzz

    I’ve had good and bad reviews from friends using both, but compared to Tattoo yeah, Sun is better. I used to have Smartbro, but I’m only having problems with them all the time and I’m not the type to gather enemies but I guess I’ve turned into a little monster just because of the crappy service; I teach English online and it’s bad business when your internet is always interrupted – they even blamed me for having a bad computer which is a core duo! So anyway, I switched to a different provider instead. Have fun surfing!

    • matt

      Thanks, I just don’t understand why they have to blame their customers for their bad service. They should be blaming all their customers who uses core duo and that would be their mortal sin. Too bad :-(

  • Winston

    This broadband sucks big time!!!!!!!!! I cant even open FB!! and if you ask their customer service they keeps on blaming the location.. In the first place I have a high signal but still there promised up to 2mbps is nowhere near.. i am only getting 50-100kbps!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

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