Sun Broadband Unlimited Surf 220 Offers 7 Days Unlimited Surfing

Sun Cellular is currently offering the most affordable unlimited surfing yet, the Sun Broadband unlimited surf 220.

For only P220 you can experience to stay connected online for seven days (1 week). You can keep in touch with friends on Facebook, become up to date with your twitter followers, watch live streaming videos on youtube and many other online activities.
sun broadband unlimited surf
Aside from their unlimited surf 220, Sun Cellular is also offering Unli50, Unli100, Unli450, and Unli899 for those who want to stay connected for 1day, 3days, 15days, and 30days, respectively.

How to register to Sun Broadband Unlimited surf offering

Make sure you have enough regular load. You can simply text the keyword of choice. For example if you want to avail 1day unlimited surfing, you should text the keyword Unli50 then send to 247. Wait for the SMS confirmation.

You can also go to the nearest Xpress loading station. Tell the retailer of the unlimited surfing promo that you want to avail. Wait for the SMS confirmation.

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