Sun Broadband Wireless Speed Test in Quezon City

I am currently at the fourth floor ward in one of the best childrens hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Unfortunately, even if it’s already 2:00am I am still awake and still in front of my laptop doing nothing except reading my facebook news feed.

Originally, I do not have plan to perform sun broadband speed test, but as I said awhile ago I have nothing to do and somehow can’t fall asleep so I decided to perform series of speed test just to determine the performance of my sun broadband wireless USB dongle.

I think this article will be beneficial to readers particular those residing in Quezon City as it can be used as reference by undecided human beings whether to get a sun broadband wireless or not.

Every time speed test is performed I have signal strength of five bars at HSDPA connection. The test results to an average download speed (in kilobytes per second) of 60kBps and upload speed averaging to 35kBps.

Sun Broadband Speed Test Trial 1

Sun Broadband Speed test Trial 2

Sun broadband Speed Test Trial 3

These speed tests were performed during off peak internet hours (2:00am) so perhaps during peak hours the download and upload speed may become slower. The worst case is, it would be very difficult to find a decent connection at all.

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  • dlan

    yup! thats too sloww.

  • semidoppel

    Hi sir matt! It’s been a while since the last time I visited your site. As I see it, in that area, sun’s signal is really poor. I’ve been using sun for almost two years, and within these locations, Rizal and Mandaluyong. When in Rizal, I can say that sun’s signal is really good, in Mandaluyong, it’s quite good. I’ve experienced a downloading speed of 1.8 to 2.2mbs download speed (according to the shown statistics) during 2 am to 6 am. Maybe in that area, sun’s network stations are too far or you are probably near a dead spot. Just sharing based on my experience.

  • joshua121595

    man, this is so damn slow, my net speed during off peak hours compared to that is around 220-460 KB/s, probably around 50-130KB/s during peak hours, im using sun broadband postpaid, there might be problems about the net connection in your area :/

  • adam

    i have been dupe by sun broadband wireless, naloko ako, very very slow here in cebu. what a waste of money!!!!

    • mattscradle

      You can share your review about sun broadband there in Cebu.

      • Bern

        so far, no bad experience with Sun Broadband using my pocket wi-fi @Plan 699 here in Liloan, Cebu.

  • gerry

    I want somebody to tell me if montalabannrizal quezon city bacoor cavite and manila have good signal

    • Eidxof

      I was in montalban abourt 3-4months ago, near east wood residence, i’m not even getting any net connection at all.

  • Eidxof

    Any speedtest in Novaliches area? any review?

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