Sun Cellular Digihome

I saw this advertisement in the newspaper yesterday. According to the details, it will make our home a Wi-Fi zone. Sun Cellular offers a new product which is called Sun Digihome.

The offer was similar to what I am using which is the Globe broadband wired where there is an unlimited landline, unlimited internet. You just have to pay for Globe’s Wi-fi apparatus on an installment basis for three months.

For Sun Digihome, it comes with the same offering of unlimited internet, unlimited landline, but with free Wi-fi router. You do not need to pay for the wifi device plus the plan will be at a lower price.

Basically, it will allow every member of the family to connect to the internet at the same time. Kids can enjoy internet surfing with their parents. They can watch videos online, play simple games, and enjoy bonding together. Students can do research online simultaneously with their fellow groupmates at their home. Everyone who has wifi access can enjoy unlimited internet without having to worry about bills due to excessive internet usage.

Sun Cellular Digihome Photo from Manila Bulletin dated June 27, 2010

I have not tried it yet, but I have been enjoying numerous promos on my phone and enjoying Sun wireless broadband (USB stick) for almost a year now. I have not encountered any problem with it. So it is safe to assume that this product offering from Sun will also bring a good experience to the customer.

Sun Cellular Digihome Plan details

  • A service fee of Php 999 per month
  • Up to 1 Mbps download speed
  • Comes with free Huawei B200 Router/Modem
  • Connect to the internet via Wi-fi or Ethernet Cable
  • And most of all No service activation fee

You can visit any sun shop near you for further details. For those who tried it already kindly share your experience.

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