Sun Cellular Samsung Galaxy Tab2 and Galaxy Y Bundle

Do you want to have both Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ and Galaxy Y, then here is another offer from Sun Cellular that will let you have the best of both android worlds. Following the success of Sundroid Rush Alcatel One Touch tab and phone, Sun brings you the Samsung Edition.
sun droid rush
Sundroid Rush Samsung edition offer both Galaxy Tab2 7″ WiFi and Galaxy Y free at Sun postpaid plan 999. Aside from these great android gadgets, the offer comes with free unlimited sun texts, 4 hours of sun calls, and unlimited mobile Internet.

If you are not familiar with the gadgets mentioned, Samsung galaxy Y notable features are 3″ capacitive touchscreen, 2MP rear camera, and WiFi Hotspot functionality. It is powered by android gingerbread operating system and backed by 830 Mhz processor.

Samsung galaxy Tab 2 7″ WiFi sports 7″ LCD touchscreen, 3MP rear and front VGA camera. It is powered by android Ice cream Sandwich OS and backed by 1 GHz dual-core processor.

*To apply for this offering simply visit sun store near you.


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  • rosalie daal

    hi good day to us all.I got a plan 999 with the samsung tab and galaxy Y last january, the billing in feb was quite good i even paid ahead, hence, i enjoyed a little rebate of from 999 to 885, now my problem when i paid last march i was taken aback of my bill that reached of about 1,345 (more or less) by march, it was acceptable though coz maybe i used lots of calls by then, the cut of date is March in 21(so done paying with that) The running incurred as the sun personnel informed me after march cut off i was paying by then in april 8,running bill as that time concerned is already 1,200, so shockingly heard of my running bill of about by the time is already into 1,200 for only 18 days.Is there a limitation in the “unli usage of the internet”?coz i never made calls that would possibly reach that amount in 2 weeks..i called the operator and asked she says unlimited internet usage will never charge me in anything coz im limited on it.Then, how come that i got this surmountable running bill?I already gave 700 though in advance but behind my mind im questioning of the so called bill, that i dont know , where i spend that much reflected bill of. I went to robinsons cebu for the bill of april to clarify my quiries but sun personnel didnt give me any as yet for the inavailability of the billing details.

    I will follow on this when the billing detail comes. And hopefully this letter could reach your office and be given actions to suffice my disturb countenance about the service and the billing surges.As soon as possible.I just submitted my form of application for paperless provision of the billing or you can contact Cebu branch(robinsons,fuente) of my data for it, just if you are heading on my mailing account in replying me back.Blessings to us all.

    rosalie daal

    • nina

      hi, may i ask, are you being charged Php649 for the handset amortization? i availed of the same plan and I was being charged a monthly amortization of 649. I’ve been getting different answers from different business centers. I’d appreciate your feedback. thanks

  • Ulrich Liebig

    Why is sun sim card not working on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    ike 2 us sun internet

    Thank U in advance 4 help

    Ulrich Liebig

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