Sun offer Name Ur Number SIM to Attract New Subscribers

Name Ur Number SIM is another eye-catching offer from Sun Cellular. It empowers prepaid mobile phone users the chance to choose their desired mobile number combination by purchasing this new promotion SIM card worth P59 only.

This is a breakthrough in the sense that mobile phone users no longer have to spend hundreds to thousands of pesos and experience long waiting lines just to get their preferred six-digit cell number combinations. sun name ur number simAccording to Sun Cellular Facebook page, once the prepaid SIM got inserted to the mobile phone, the device will prompt to show on the screen the instructions of getting the 6-digit number combination. It is also the first prepaid sim card in the Philippines that allows the users to choose their own prepaid number combination.

This promo is advantageous to the consumers. They can choose a number combination that they can memorize easily. It can be a set of numbers with significant meaning in their life. For example their birthday, wedding date, and anniversary. It is any number combination that is within Sun Cellular’s allowable digits.

This promotion is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Users need to come up with their Sim number combination fast so that other users are no longer be able to apply for it. The reason? Many will have the same birthdate, wedding date, or anniversary. These people like you will have an interest in the same mobile number combination.

To make this offer more tempting, Name Ur Number SIM comes with free P50 worth of call and text combo (CTC50) valid for 5 days. For those who do not know, CTC50 is a Sun Cellular offering that allows the user to send 200 text messages to other networks, 200 text sun-to-sun, and 70 minutes of sun calls.

So if my calculation is correct, the cost of getting the desired mobile number combination is only P9. Just wow right? For me, that is a very affordable way to get a new mobile number. Name Ur Number SIM is available nationwide in sun shops, fixed booth outlets, and other national trade. However, due to technical problems perhaps with the demand they cannot release the offer yet.

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  • juneann

    i cannot set number for my sun cellular sim .. Please give me an i can use my sun sim and your services. Thank You..

    • Genesis Faith Mata

      Type number 1 if you want to enter your desire 6 digits number and type number 2 if you want to select automatically

      • mattscradle

        Thanks Genesis.

  • mayet

    this is very helpful..Thanks Genesis

  • Phil ocampo

    Pnu gmtn to s t0uchscreen bro ayaw kc kht mgtype k ng no.

  • Mila Abarquez

    The paper that comes with the SIM pack of SUN name your number states that subscriber may dial *247# instead of *249#. Good thing, the lady who sold to me this SIM pack gave me the correct instruction. I have just activated my new name your number SIM. Thanks a lot…

  • Rekuzu

    does the sim activation take time? if so, how many days does it take? if not, can you tell me how to activate it? please and thank you in advance

  • Rekuzu

    does the sim activation take time? if so, how many days does it take? if not, can you tell me how to activate it? please and thank you in advance…. ^_^

  • maru-maru

    akala ko pwd malagyan ng letters ung num mo . . like ung nasa posters nila. . . T_T

  • Kay

    This thing doesn’t work at all. It says simcard registration failed whenever I try to insert my sun sim on my phone and whenever I dial *249# it says no network coverage. Really, Sun, is this how your new promo works?

  • dory lopez luzano

    how to activate the name ur number sim i can not use the free load please help me

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