Sun Unli Mobile Internet Promos for Prepaid and Postpaid Subscribers

I am also one of the prepaid subscribers of sun cellular and just like you I also want to experience unlimited internet using my smartphone.

I asked an XpressLoad retailer yesterday to inquire if there is one day unlimited internet promo from Sun, but he was not aware of such. I guess not every retailer is familiar with it. If you encounter the same, don’t get dismayed. You can simply ask the retailer to send you a regular load (example: P50) then subscribe to unli internet by yourself. You can find below the lists of iload to use defending on your preferred surfing usage:

i15 – 1 hour surfing valid for 1 day
i25 – 3 hours of surfing valid for 1 day
i50 – 1 day unlimited internet
i100 – 3 days unlimited internet
i250 – unlimited internet for seven days
i999 – unlimited internet for 30 days

After choosing your preferred surfing usage, for example i50 (for unlimited one day internet), just send it to 247 (wait for text confirmation). It will convert your regular load to iLoad. Just make sure you have enough balance.

There is an option where you can automatically subscribe to iLoad on a specific day of every week. Let say you want to experience unlimited mobile internet every Monday. All you need is to text code on Monday then send it to 2300. Make sure that you have enough balance for it.

PostPaid Subscribers can also enjoy the same promo. Just choose your preferred iLoad codes (above) then send it to 247.

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  • TRY

    When I try to convert my REGULAR load to iLOAD, I always get this message:

    SIM/brand not allowed for offer…

  • Glenn Gutierrez

    Can this be use on sun lte sim card for broadband?

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