Tacloban City Recruitment Agencies for Work Abroad

Here is the list of POEA (DMW) accredited recruitment agencies with branch offices in Tacloban City for work abroad.

This post will help you, our Taclobanon skilled workers based in Tacloban City to be aware of recruitment agencies in your location that hire workers for jobs overseas according to the rules and regulations set by DMW.

Tacloban City is a 1st class highly urbanized city located in the Easter Visayas region. The city serves as the provincial capital of Leyte. According to the census of the Philippine Statistics Authority for 2020, Tacloban City has a population of roughly 251881 people.

The City of Tacloban is accessible by Air through the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, by sea through the Port of Tacloban, and by land using various motor vehicles such as jeepneys, buses, tricycles, taxis, multi-cabs, and pedicabs.

Tacloban City is Eastern Visaya’s economic center, and it is a regional transportation hub because of Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport (Tacloban City Airport). The city’s economy thrives on Agriculture, Tourism, Commerce, and Transportation.

recruitment agency work abroad tacloban cityIn this post, you will know the list of DMW/POEA recruitment agencies based or with a branch office in Tacloban City.

Here are DMW/POEA Accredited Manpower Agencies for Work Abroad in Tacloban City

Agency Name: Mirben International Manpower Services
Office Address: G/F Mirben Building #8 Bernardo Comp McArthur Street Luzon Avenue Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 9516075 / 9516072 / Mobile: 09178219921
Email Address: mmm.mirben@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MIMS.officialFB/, https://www.facebook.com/Recruitmentofficer.depazlovely/
License Validity: September 6, 2026/ Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: 2nd Floor, Door 1 Fatima Marasbaras, Barangay 77, Tacloban City (Across Robinsons Marasbaras)
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

Agency Name: Maanyag International Manpower Corporation
Office Address: Mezz Flor, Edar Building, 8202 Dr. A. Santos Avenue Parañaque
Telephone Numbers: 5210215 / 7918374 / Mobile Phone: 09199909744
Email Address: maanyaginternational@yahoo.com
Website: https://maanyaginternational.com/, https://www.facebook.com/maanyagcorporation/
License Validity: March 5, 2024 / Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: 1st Floor, 1st Door, Uytingkoc Building, Senator Minahi Street, Tacloban City
Telephone Numbers: (Mobile Phones) 0920-513-9121 / 0905-672-4192
Email Address: mimc.tacloban@gmail.com

Agency Name: Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp
Office Address: 1712 A. Mabini corner C. Alonzo Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 4009441 / Mobile Phone: 09173416727
Email Address: nonstop.overseas@yahoo.com.ph
Website: http://www.nonstopoverseas.com/index.php
License Validity: March 1, 2027 / Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: YLK Realty Corporation 183 P. Gomez St. Tacloban City
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address: nonstoptacloban@yahoo.com

Agency Name: Ramasia International Manpower Services Inc. (For: RAMASIA Manpower Services
Office Address: Suite 1208, 12th Floor, Ermita Center Building, 1350 Roxas Boulevard Manila
Telephone Numbers: 2440978/ 5169099 / Mobile Phone: 0917 700 5118
Email Address: hr@ramasiainternational.com, ramasiaintl@gmail.com
Website: https://ramasiainternational.com/, https://www.facebook.com/p/Ramasia-International-Manpower-Services-Inc-Tacloban-100068195655737/
License Validity: April 11, 2024 / Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: Door A room 104, #141 F. Mendoza Realty Development Corp., Sto. Niño
Street, Tacloban City
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

Agency Name: Sir Prince Global Manpower Services Inc (For: Jaddax International Inc.)
Office Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, 4677 Arellano Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 8234 5275
Email Address: admn.sirprinceglobal@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/sirprincegloballeytesamar/
License Validity: June 2, 2026 / Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: FL & V Fatima, BLDG, Real cor. Burgos St. Brgy. 34 , Tacloban City, Philippines
Telephone Numbers: sirprincegloballeytesamar@gmail.com
Email Address:

Agency Name: ERRX Recruitment Consulting
Office Address: Units 101-106 (GF) and Units 201 & 202 (2F), Agapita Cond I, 1832 Leon Guinto St Manila
Telephone Numbers: 02 5313 9559 / 02 5313 9560 / Mobile Phone: 09088742977
Email Address: errelox@errxconsulting.com/info@errxconsulting.com
Website: https://errxconsulting.com/login.php, https://www.facebook.com/errxofficial/, https://www.facebook.com/errxrecruit.tacloban/
License Validity: August 14, 2026 / Valid License

Tacloban City Branch
Office Address: 2nd Floor JCP Building, Barangay 71 Naga-Naga Maharlika Highway, Tacloban City
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address: errxtacloban@gmail.com

How to Verify the DMW License of Recruitment Agencies?

Now that you are familiar with the list of POEA (DMW) Accredited Recruitment agencies that have branch offices in Tacloban City, the next thing that you must do is verify their details such as the office address, phone numbers, as they may change without prior notice.

To verify the details, go to www.dmw.gov.ph, then tap the “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” link located on the navigation bar. Enter the name of the recruitment agency in the text box provided.

The DMW website will also give you information such as the list of job openings with available job orders and the license status of the recruitment agencies listed in this article.

Be a responsible applicant, visit the Tacloban City branch office of the recruitment agency and inquire directly to them.

What are the Jobs in Taiwan for Filipinos?

The jobs in Taiwan for Filipinos include Factory Workers, Nursing Aides, Cooks, Caretakers, and Domestic Helpers. Filipinos can apply for these jobs in Taiwan through DMW (POEA) accredited manpower agencies.

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