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If you love Flappy Bird, you would probably have the same feelings for the Pugo game. It is another mobile game that’s going to put you on the edge of your seat. The app was made available for download in the Apple AppStore on February 26, 2014. Two days after, it ranks number one in […] Read more

Getting an Android phone or iPhone would take away months of your savings. It’s difficult to admit that your hard-earned Smart Phone can be stolen easily by some people with just a flick of the finger. Do you know that with the help of GotYa Face trap Security App there is a possibility that you […] Read more

This will be one of the good news that android phone users will be rejoicing. That is, they can now download temple run for android free. Temple run for android lunching got delayed several times months ago. If you may recall, Imangi revealed that the game version for android will be released in February 2012, […] Read more