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Anne Curtis

Can you relate to these intense lines from the “No Other Woman” movie? These lines are going to make your heart pump especially if you have been in a situation similar to the character of Cristine Reyes. I was browsing my facebook account I noticed that this list of No Other Woman Movie Lines and […] Read more

Anne Curtis is the featured cover photo of Rogue Magazine for the October 2011 issue. Anne was featured in three different covers which were Photographed by Mark Nicdao, Styled by Pam Quinones, Hair and Make-Up by Robbie Pinera. Last Tango in Paris covers were Anne Curtis was holding a cigarette just like the cover issue […] Read more

I saw the video aired the first time today in Showtime. Have you ever wonder who was the voice behind the 2011 ABS CBN station ID “sukob na” theme song? For those who don’t know yet it was Anne Curtis and for me it seems she delivered it well. Probably this was a dream come […] Read more