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english proficiency course

These 17 state colleges and universities in the Philippines are offering Call Center or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) course minor in Service Management. The course specifically prepares aspiring individuals to be able to work in the Business Process Outsourcing industry and build a career around it. The Commission of Higher Education (CHED) with the aid […] Read more

Aside from various vocational and technical skills training, Tesda is also offering foreign language and culture courses in 2022. Learning a different foreign language like Nihongo, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, English these days have a huge advantage in the workplace and even during the hiring process. Employers / Manpower Agencies that have available job […] Read more

Do you like to become a call center agent? Then the first thing you need to do, assuming you’re not fluent in English (like me) is to attend call center training. You can do that by enrolling in tesda accredited training centers and colleges and universities that offer call center courses. As we all know […] Read more