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europe jobs

Russia, Germany, and other countries in Europe are hiring Filipino Nurses according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Under Secretary as of January 2017. The base monthly salary is PHP 150,000 plus other employment benefits. In the news report, Labor and Employment Under-Secretary Dominador Say told that the whole of Europe will need […] Read more

The German Federal Employment Agency is currently hiring qualified Filipino Nurses to fill up their manpower needs in the healthcare sector starting 2016 until the year 2020. Check the available positions, qualifications, salaries, benefits, and deadline for submission of application. Germany through the International Placement Service of the German Federal Employment Agency is in need […] Read more

Here are the job openings for Filipinos who want to work in London and in other parts of the United Kingdom / England this 2020. According to visabureau.com, United Kindom has a shortage of skilled workers in the following category: Engineering, Healthcare, and arts and entertainment. The country is also in need of software developers, […] Read more

OMANFIL, one of the reputable manpower agencies in the Philippines needs 300 Filipino Nurses for several hospitals in United Kingdom. The agency has an ongoing preliminary interview. Check out the requirements below. Filipino Nurses once again is in demand in United Kingdom. Omanfil has shared on their official Facebook page that they are in need […] Read more