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All about Globe Telecom Inc

I got curious if my location in Manila belongs to one of LTE coverage areas of Globe. I checked their official website to search for information that would satisfy my curiosity. I browsed their postpaid plans and their prepaid offerings but couldn’t find the information I needed. It seems that it is not listed yet […] Read more

If you are one of the Globe postpaid, prepaid, and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers, you should thank your network because you can experience free Facebook surfing with your mobile phone anywhere and anytime. I do not know when this promo started, but Globe subscribers can enjoy free Facebook browsing with their Internet-ready device until January […] Read more

In our house we had globe broadband DSL plan 1Mbps for Php990 per month before. Based on online speed test it has a download speed of 115Kbps and a less than 100Kbps upload speed average. Unfortunately, it was cut down because I was not able to pay the bills for a number of months. One […] Read more

I call talk2globe today because I got interested in their promo about free unlimited calls to Globe and TM phones using my Globe Broadband DSL with a landline plan. Their agent explained to me that I have two choices; the first choice is I can avail unlimited calls to Globe mobile phone free for six […] Read more

This post will explain how to activate Globe roaming ( GROAM ON ) service with your prepaid mobile phone. I am now in Singapore with family for Christmas and New Year (for a change) since we always celebrate these holiday seasons in the Philippines for decades. Prior to leaving the country, I experienced problem on […] Read more

Need a Globe Micro SIM card? There are ways on how to acquire a globe micro SIM. Existing postpaid or prepaid subscribers can ask for the micro version of their regular SIM card at any globe business centers in Malls. For those who plan to become a globe subscriber, the prepaid micro SIM can also […] Read more

I almost say goodbye to Globe Broadband DSL with a landline bundle. I have my subscription with Globe for two years already. In that span, I usually got disconnected on the internet when there is power fluctuation, for me that is normal since in a matter of minutes the connection will be automatically restored. A […] Read more

For sure you came here because you want to know about globe broadband hotline (Talk2Globe). I also began to search for their hotline since I am currently experiencing internet connection problem this past two weeks. There are ways to know the globe broadband hotline. If you still have your monthly landline / broadband billing statement […] Read more

I just want to share globe iphone 4s prepaid price and postpaid plan details that I get when I visited globe store yesterday. I checked globe website today and still I was not able to find details regarding their iphone 4s offering or I just don’t know where to look for. If somehow you were […] Read more

I had a chance to visit globe store 2 days ago to pay our globe broadband internet bill. There’s pile of people waiting in line like me so I decided to ask for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS prepaid price since it’s nowhere to be found on their website or I just don’t know where […] Read more