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All about Globe Telecom Inc

I had a chance to visit globe store 2 days ago to pay our globe broadband internet bill. There’s pile of people waiting in line like me so I decided to ask for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS prepaid price since it’s nowhere to be found on their website or I just don’t know where […] Read more

Iphone 4S is indeed one of the most anticipated smartphone this year. Many are excited sleeplessly including myself following live blogs during its unveiling at Apple headquarters California on October 4, 2011 (1AM in the Philippines). I was expecting a bigger screen and a completely unique design of Iphone and was expecting also it will […] Read more

I encounter a problem with my globe broadband DSL landline plan 1295 a few days ago. My globe broadband lost internet connection last Friday, August 6, 2011, at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would only last for a few hours because based on my experience it normally happens with globe broadband. All […] Read more

The Globe Tattoo Wimax Flyer where I got the details was handed to me by Globe agents when I visited one of the SM Malls near of place. I just thought that you might want to consider Globe’s services someday so I made a quick post about it. I am a subscriber of Globe broadband […] Read more

Globe broadband Tattoo launches “Barkada Promo” where you will be able to buy 3 set of tattoo prepaid kit for only P933.75 each and you will get 1 tattoo prepaid kit for free. Along with its advantage that you’ll get 1 kit for free, it also comes with some disadvantages such as if you avail […] Read more

My brother subscribed to Globelines Broadband DSL plus Landline bundle Plan 1295. For the benefit of others who have no idea plan 1295 has a 1Mbps plus landline. It only took 3 days for Globe technicians to do the installation so far that was considerably fast. He’s been using this service from Globe for a […] Read more

Globe WiMax Plan Available Packages/Plans (Fixed Wireless Broadband) w/ FREE Installation: A. Wireless Globe Broadband Data only: 1. Plan 512 @ P 795MSF 2. Plan 1Mbps @ P 995MSF B. Wireless Globe Broadband Voice and Data Bundle: 1. Plan 512 @ P995MSF 2. Plan 1Mbps @ P 1,295MSF Globe WiMax Coverage Area Listed below are […] Read more

I’ll share my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. I was a subscriber of PLDT DSL plus landline bundle for almost one and a half year, their service was ok. However, I think that paying P990 for just a 384Kbps subscription is quite expensive and the internet is slow considering the maximum download speed was only […] Read more

I happen to have borrowed both the prepaid kit of Sun broadband wireless and Globe broadband tattoo. What I had in mind was to make a simple comparison between the two. Basically to determine which has a better performance to use within Tondo, Manila area. In order for me to determine which is better, I […] Read more