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Follow these steps to make your iPad as the second monitor for your Windows PC. You can do this in 3 steps in under 5 minutes. If you have an old iPad but still working properly. Instead of buying a second monitor and allowing your old iPad to collect dust in the stock room or […] Read more

Even though it’s considered for many other things in the modern world, recycling is still something that is seldom considered when thinking about old gadgets. Yet it’s something you really should consider. It’s definitely more important than ever, when we rely and use technology more and more. We also get through it faster, which only […] Read more

I came across a photo of a tablet PC that has a dual-core processor. I was simply amazed because this product came from China and it was the first of its kind to have a dual-core processor on a tablet pc. What I am talking about here is the APad M8002 wherein as describe it was 8 […] Read more