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iphone 4s globe plans

I just want to share globe iphone 4s prepaid price and postpaid plan details that I get when I visited globe store yesterday. I checked globe website today and still I was not able to find details regarding their iphone 4s offering or I just don’t know where to look for. If somehow you were […] Read more

I had a chance to visit globe store 2 days ago to pay our globe broadband internet bill. There’s pile of people waiting in line like me so I decided to ask for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS prepaid price since it’s nowhere to be found on their website or I just don’t know where […] Read more

With the expected launching of the iPhone 4S in the Philippines. Are you still interested in iPhone 4 Plans from Globe or how about the iPhone 4 prepaid kit price? If you are, then see below the current pricing of the iPhone 4 from Globe telecom. The telco is still offering the device in 16GB […] Read more

Iphone 4S is indeed one of the most anticipated smartphone this year. Many are excited sleeplessly including myself following live blogs during its unveiling at Apple headquarters California on October 4, 2011 (1AM in the Philippines). I was expecting a bigger screen and a completely unique design of Iphone and was expecting also it will […] Read more