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lg washing machine

The LG Service Center in the Philippines is the place where you can bring your LG Home Appliances and Electronic Devices either for periodic maintenance or repair. For your bulky LG appliances, you can also inquire to the authorized LG Repair Centers if they offer home service. If so, then their highly trained technicians will […] Read more

I was able to fix my LG washing machine OE ERROR code DIY and I will share with you how I do it. Here are the things you can check and do to fix that oe error code on your automatic LG washing machine. What causes the OE Error Code on LG Washing Machine? When […] Read more

These are the locations on your washing machine body to look up if you want to find its model number. These locations are not hidden. In fact, we see our washing machine’s model number every time we use the appliance. However, we often overlooked it until the washer breaks down and needs a repair from […] Read more