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life lessons

Kickstart your personal development with these 4 powerful self-help books. Read at least one of them and be a different person instantly, like in just 1 month. These books are available in online stores and probably in popular book stores in the Philippines. I start reading because my peers influenced me as they also aspire […] Read more

I just saw this poster titled “Everything I need to know in Life, I Learned from Noah’s Ark” circulating on Facebook. It’s probably on social media for quite some time now, but I was able to read it (for the first time) on one of my Facebook friend’s wall. Perhaps, you are already familiar with […] Read more

Candy Crush is one of the top free-to-play games on iOS, and Android. It currently occupies the top spot for the most downloaded games for iDevices and android OS. I got curious about this game after lots of my Facebook friends shared on their wall the achievements and levels reached for playing this game. Due […] Read more

I received this thru email from a friend with a subject very touching story.  I prefer to entitle it as Very Touching Job Interview Story since its all about an academically excellent guy who had a job interview with his future employer. The guy probably doesn’t appreciate the hardship and difficulty that his mother endures […] Read more

I think anyone would agree that a graduation ceremony is a much-awaited part of the life of a student. Mainly because it is a milestone, proof that a student has leveled up in terms of knowledge. For many, it is considered a stepping stone for them to be eligible to find a job in their […] Read more