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made to order

Here are the actual photos of the customized wedding shoes worn by my wife at our wedding in the Philippines. This post will give the soon to be married couples an idea about the price per pair, lead time per order, and details of the shoe supplier. Probably, every couple who are to get married […] Read more

On Sunday we visited 168 Mall in Divisoria just to look around and have some food tripping. At the new entrance, there are wide displays of wedding bridal gowns and groom suit. We got interested so we check the stalls at the fourth level just to know the price range for gowns with / without […] Read more

My son had his 5th birthday yesterday and we get an Estrel’s caramel cake for him. You might be wondering, how we get to know this popular cake brand. It is by word of mouth, and we also got the chance to eat a slice when we attended a social gathering. It has a unique […] Read more