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official gazette

October 31,2014 Friday, is not a Special non-working holiday in the Philippines. It is not included in the released list of National Holidays for 2014. Read on in case you want to know the details proving the said date is not a holiday. The public journal and main publication of the Philippine Government, Official Gazette […] Read more

The list of Philippine Holidays for 2014 has been released by Malacanan on Wednesday, September 25,2013. I don’t know the reason why it was released so early when there is still 3 months remaining before the year 2013 ends. For fellow Pinoys this can be used to our advantage. We can now plan where, when, […] Read more

The list of Philippine Holidays for 2019 is probably one of the most anticipated proclamation that Filipinos want to know from the office of the President. The proclamation usually happens on the third quarter of every year for the incoming year’s holiday schedule. This is for number of reasons. It could be because Filipinos plan […] Read more