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overseas job fair

This is another good news to fellow Filipinos who are dreaming to land a job overseas particularly in Qatar. There is a total of 77,000 work visas available for Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFWs) who aspire to work in the said country. The details were relayed to the Philippine Embassy and POLO officers by Dr. Issa […] Read more

Filipinos can work in Saipan by applying to several POEA accredited Agencies based in the Philippines in 2023. Here are the top land-based manpower agencies that are hiring Filipino skilled workers for their Saipan-based clients/employers. According to Wikipedia, Saipan is part of the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the United States of America. Previously, […] Read more

Maldives has job openings for Filipinos this 2020. Here are the list of manpower agencies based in the Philippines that are hiring OFWs for Maldives. This post includes the manpower agencies’ respective addresses and contact details. Interested parties can apply directly to these agencies to land a job in the said country. Maldives relies heavily […] Read more

Kuwait’s biggest and leading bakery company, Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Co (KFMB) has 240 job openings for overseas Filipino workers. The needed manpower will be assigned in the company’s expansion in said country. KFMB’s recruitment team will be in Manila, Philippines this March 2016 to facilitate the screening of Filipino applicants. Kuwait Flour Mills […] Read more

Here are the list of job openings in the USA for Filipinos in 2019. There are few manpower agencies in the Philippines that have POEA approved job orders from employers based in the United States of America (USA). Check in this post the list of agencies with their respective office address and contact details, in […] Read more