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Filipinos are hard-working, smart, resilient, and have unique work ethics. These 4 characteristics are loved by their overseas employers. Also, Filipinos are willing to do tedious jobs that other foreign nationals are not willing to do. Sometimes the reality is Filipinos are also willing to deal with harsh bosses just to keep their jobs abroad. […] Read more

The biggest airline company stationed in Qatar is currently hiring 1000 Plus Filipino workers in 2016. The hiring manpower agency, Staff Source International is looking for skilled professionals in the field of Customer Service, Sales Assistants, Food Services, and Aviation Services. According to the recruiter Ashok Shrestha, CEO of Staff Source International, the Filipino workforce […] Read more

Recently I receive an email from omanfil regarding electrical related jobs in Qatar. Unfortunately I’m not into that field so it would be better to share it out. Current Qatar job openings and the number of vacancies are as follow: 1. ELECTRICIANS ( 445 vacancies) 2. ELECTRICAL FOREMEN ( 50 vacancies) 3. ELECTRICAL SUPERVISORS (7 […] Read more