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Can I become an SSS Member even without a job?

Yes, you can become an sss member even if you are unemployed. SSS will still give you a personal social security number even if you do not have a regular corporate job. If you are an unemployed, your membership type will fall under the voluntary category.

Those who are self-employed, unemployed, and non-working spouse can become an sss member under this category. Once you become a member, you need to pay your contribution with sss periodically.

The minimum monthly contribution that you can pay is PHP 390.00, while the maximum contribution is PHP 3250.00. You can check your my.sss account online to see the other monthly contribution amount that you can remit to sss.

When selecting for the latter, you have to choose the peso value that is applicable to you and which you can remit consistently.

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Here is a simple guide on how to apply for your SSS account online through my.sss. There are lots of advantages if a member would be able to register their account online. Members can access exclusively their membership status, contribution details and can even request copies of their records if necessary. Members can also do […] Read more