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sun broadband

Sun Cellular is currently offering the most affordable unlimited surfing yet, the Sun Broadband unlimited surf 220. For only P220 you can experience to stay connected online for seven days (1 week). You can keep in touch with friends on Facebook, become up to date with your twitter followers, watch live streaming videos on youtube […] Read more

Aside from unlimited calls and texts, days of unli mobile internet browsing, and dual gadget bundles, this is another first from Sun Cellular – the Sun Broadband gadget plan 1299. Sun has yet introduced another tempting offer to its current and prospective subscribers. With this offering, subscribers can now have 3 gadgets for just P1299 […] Read more

It has been three days since I started to go online using sun broadband wireless. On the first two days, I got so disappointed with my internet connection since it loads so slow averaging download speed of 50 to 60kBps. This is, despite the fact that I have signal strength of 5 bars at HSDPA, […] Read more

I am currently at the fourth floor ward in one of the best childrens hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Unfortunately, even if it’s already 2:00am I am still awake and still in front of my laptop doing nothing except reading my facebook news feed. Originally, I do not have plan to perform sun broadband speed […] Read more

Sun Broadband Anti Bill Shock Plan 350 is shockingly cool. Just today I encounter problem with my internet service from Globe broadband so I have to resort to my back up ISP the Sun broadband wireless dongle to stay online. I load a SBW 50 where it enables me to stay online for 24 hours. […] Read more