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Sun Cellular

Sun Cellular or SUN is a subsidiary of Digitel Mobile Philippines Incorporated. Sun Cellular is one of the leading telecommunications company based in the Philippines.

They have wide service and product offerings for their local clients. This includes but not limited to postpaid plans, prepaid sim cards, and prepaid mobile loads. Mobile loads can be used for calls, text, and data subscriptions.

Here is the list of telco prefix numbers in case you want to know what network has called or sent you a text message in the Philippines.  Use it to verify the mobile numbers of the respective telco network providers based locally. The sim card prefix number is the first four-digit number which you can […] Read more

You may want to activate the roaming option on your Smart, TNT, or SUN powered smartphones if you are traveling out of the country. This post will show you the different possible ways to do it whether you are in the Philippines or already abroad. Activating the roaming feature of respective telecoms powered smartphones is […] Read more

Here is the massive Sun Promo in 2021 for the loyal prepaid subscribers who love to enjoy Data internet, watch videos online, Mobile gaming, unlimited calls, and text. SUN Cellular continues to offer irresistibly wide range yet affordable promo for their growing postpaid and prepaid users. Decades ago, they pioneered the unlimited calls and text […] Read more

Sun Cellular, the pioneer when comes to unlimited calls and texts, is now offering Samsung Galaxy Note 4 through their Sun Plan 999 postpaid plan. Sun Cellular announced on their Facebook page that the 5.7-incher display, octa-core device from Samsung can now be availed via their plan 999. Aside from getting the latest device, customers who […] Read more

Want to take your sun prepaid experience to the next level? Try their newest offering – the Sun Prepaid add2. By adding Php 2 on top of your existing sun prepaid load, you can have a better mobile experience with your smartphone. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy unlimited Facebook, unlimited chat using Viber, […] Read more

Sun Cellular is currently offering the most affordable unlimited surfing yet, the Sun Broadband unlimited surf 220. For only P220 you can experience to stay connected online for seven days (1 week). You can keep in touch with friends on Facebook, become up to date with your twitter followers, watch live streaming videos on youtube […] Read more

Smart Unli Call and Txt 25 ( UNLI25 ) allow you to text and call fellow smart and talk n text users nonstop for 1 day. If you are the type of mobile users who text and call their friends nonstop for 1 day at the same time wants to stay connected with relatives in […] Read more

Here is the complete step by step guide on how you can activate sun mobile internet promos such as iLoads with your iPhone 3GS. I also included below the speedtest results for April 2014 in case you want to know how fast sun’s offering is when comes to mobile surfing. Step 1. Before you can […] Read more

I am also one of the prepaid subscribers of sun cellular and just like you I also want to experience unlimited internet using my smartphone. I asked an XpressLoad retailer yesterday to inquire if there is one day unlimited internet promo from Sun, but he was not aware of such. I guess not every retailer […] Read more

Aside from unlimited calls and texts, days of unli mobile internet browsing, and dual gadget bundles, this is another first from Sun Cellular – the Sun Broadband gadget plan 1299. Sun has yet introduced another tempting offer to its current and prospective subscribers. With this offering, subscribers can now have 3 gadgets for just P1299 […] Read more

Are you one of the prepaid subscribers of Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk N Text? Perhaps, you would be interested in their latest offer the Trinet 300 that would basically let you experience freedom in almost every mobile activity that you’ll be doing with prepaid phone. Before the privileges of having unlimited calls, unlimited text, […] Read more

Before there is Sun TU 150, Sun TU 200, and many other unlimited texts and free hours of calls that Sun Cellular offers to its subscribers. Even so, they do not just stick to that, they still want to offer something new, this time it is on their postpaid plan lineup. If you think text […] Read more

Do you want to have both Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ and Galaxy Y, then here is another offer from Sun Cellular that will let you have the best of both android worlds. Following the success of Sundroid Rush Alcatel One Touch tab and phone, Sun brings you the Samsung Edition. Sundroid Rush Samsung edition […] Read more

Name Ur Number SIM is another eye-catching offer from Sun Cellular. It empowers prepaid mobile phone users the chance to choose their desired mobile number combination by purchasing this new promotion SIM card worth P59 only. This is a breakthrough in the sense that mobile phone users no longer have to spend hundreds to thousands […] Read more

Want to taste another unli text, unli calls, and surf promo in the Philippines? Check out the latest offering from the country’s biggest network the Smart Prepaid Mega All-IN 250 Promo. This irresistible offering from Smart allows each subscriber to experience unlimited texting to other networks such as Sun Cellular, Globe, Talk N Text, and […] Read more

Sun Cellular offers Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 and Alcatel One Touch 903 free on their Sun Plan 600. Get your first android Tab and android phone free when you avail sun cellular (sunplan) 600. SunPlan 600 comes with unlimited calls and unli-texts sun-to-sun. It also allows the subscribers to have 350 free texts to […] Read more

Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text have teamed up and bring their latest Trio 20 offering. Switching sim cards is one of the usual problems to subscribers having friends utilizing subscriptions from other Networks. I also encounter the same thing before but since I am already a sun cellular prepaid user, I no longer […] Read more

Smart Sun Dual Plan 549 is an ongoing promo from the sun cellular and smart communications team-up. It is a limited Christmas edition promo that comes with a free Nokia C2 03 which started on December 13, 2011, and will end on January 31, 2012. Probably if this one will get good remarks from sun […] Read more

Sun Cellular Blackberry plan 999 caught my attention just today when I encounter internet connection problem with my globe broadband dsl. In this case, I have to resort to load an SBW 50 for my backup internet plan from Sun broadband wireless just to stay connected the whole day. Normally if you open any browser […] Read more