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talk n text

Talk N Text (TNT) has released its massive list of Promos for their subscribers in 2023. These include TikTok, Surfsaya, mobile games, Giga Surf, unli text, and unli calls to all networks. TNT also has internet data offerings for those who binge-watch Korean Drama TV series. These Promos will help millions of Talk N Text […] Read more

Are you one of the prepaid subscribers of Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk N Text? Perhaps, you would be interested in their latest offer the Trinet 300 that would basically let you experience freedom in almost every mobile activity that you’ll be doing with prepaid phone. Before the privileges of having unlimited calls, unlimited text, […] Read more

Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text have teamed up and bring their latest Trio 20 offering. Switching sim cards is one of the usual problems to subscribers having friends utilizing subscriptions from other Networks. I also encounter the same thing before but since I am already a sun cellular prepaid user, I no longer […] Read more