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Tesda Online Courses is the latest free service (no tuition fee training) that the institution is offering to Filipino Citizens for this year 2019. With the help of the internet this program will make the skills development and technical education a lot more accessible to aspirants. This program would cater to fellow Filipinos who would […] Read more


If you are undecided about what tesda offered courses should you take perhaps this post will help you to make up your mind. The available courses varies on location some courses may or may not be available in the accredited schools near you. If you plan taking up courses related to building and construction. Below […] Read more


Recently, I received inquiry on my comment box from someone residing in Manila. He plans to study welding technology and wants to know where and what school should he enroll for that short course. Actually, there are lots of schools which offer welding technology but it’s kind of risky if such is not accredited by […] Read more


List of TESDA training centers and accredited schools in the Philippines. Check this post to know the address, telephone numbers, and emails of respective district offices in Metro Manila. This post also includes locations of training centers, and schools in some provinces in the country. According to its official website the institution was enacted as […] Read more