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The UTP15 promo from TNT will allow you to do unli calls and texts, send 50 text messages to other networks, and enjoy 30MB of data that you can use for social media, and games. Here are the complete details of the TNT UTP15 promo and how you can register for this awesome offering easily. […] Read more

Here is the list of telco prefix numbers in case you want to know what network has called or sent you a text message in the Philippines.  Use it to verify the mobile numbers of the respective telco network providers based locally. The sim card prefix number is the first four-digit number that you can […] Read more

You may want to activate the roaming option on your Smart, TNT, or SUN powered smartphones if you are traveling out of the country. This post will show you the different possible ways to do it whether you are in the Philippines or already abroad. Activating the roaming feature of respective telecoms powered smartphones is […] Read more

Talk N Text (TNT) has released its massive list of Promos for their subscribers in 2023. These include TikTok, Surfsaya, mobile games, Giga Surf, unli text, and unli calls to all networks. TNT also has internet data offerings for those who binge-watch Korean Drama TV series. These Promos will help millions of Talk N Text […] Read more