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I don’t know if I am already behind when comes to news, but I think this feature already exist with Globe for months already. Good thing still that PLDT and Sun come up with their own version of the unli call to phone and landline plan – the PLDT Sun Call All. The largest telecommunication […] Read more

Want to taste another unli text, unli calls, and surf promo in the Philippines? Check out the latest offering from the country’s biggest network the Smart Prepaid Mega All-IN 250 Promo. This irresistible offering from Smart allows each subscriber to experience unlimited texting to other networks such as Sun Cellular, Globe, Talk N Text, and […] Read more

The third-largest TELCO in the Philippines Sun cellular brings a very irresistible Sun TU 300 text unlimited promo which is way attractive than their Sun TU 200. Sun TU 300 is perhaps an augmented version of TU 200. For an additional 100 pesos every month existing prepaid subscribers like me can experience 10 hours of […] Read more

Samsung Galaxy Y netphone edition offer unli text and unli social. Do you want to experience unli facebook, unli twitter, or unli chat with yahoo messenger all day? If your answer is yes then for sure this phone is for you. Samsung galaxy y is the latest netphone edition coming from smart which can be […] Read more

Sun TU200 is the cheapest offer coming from Sun Cellular. It offers calls cumulative to 4 hours and unlimited text to fellow subscribers. Also, the Text Unlimited 200 comes with 500 texts to other telecom networks. In this post, I will tell you the details of the offer and also how to register for it. […] Read more