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I was able to solve my LG washing OE ERROR code DIY. Here are the things you can check and do to solve that oe error code on your automatic LG washing machine. When your LG washing machine flashes an OE error code on its digital panel it only means that your washer is unable […] Read more

Commonly, these are the locations on your washing machine body to lookup to if you want to find its model number. These locations are not hidden. In fact, we see our washing machine’s model number every time we use the appliances. However, we often overlooked it until the washer breaks down and needs a repair […] Read more

You read it right guys! You, your parents, and grandparents’ most looked upon home appliances and electronics product innovators/manufacturer is turning 100 years. Truly, as mentioned, Sharp remains sharp even at 100 years anniversary. When I was still a kid, my parents usually prefer to buy Sharp appliances. At that time, thinking about the brand […] Read more