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There are 31 plus tesda courses in-demand abroad. Check the list in this post. High School graduates, college undergrads, and those who are presently unemployed should study these courses to be able to land a job abroad. Countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Qatar, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many others are in need […] Read more


Getting a dream job nowadays is so difficult. It is like climbing the highest mountain and crossing the deepest seas. You have to endure city traffic when going to the office of the company that wants you for an interview. You need to answer essays which may be about life views, work experiences, and future […] Read more

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A month ago my wife went to Singapore to work as a doctor. She left few days before Christmas. I decided to accompany her with our son Matt so we can still celebrate the holiday season together even outside the country. It was her first time to work abroad and I know it would need […] Read more