Recruitment Agencies in Tagum City for Work Abroad

Here is the list of POEA (DMW) accredited recruitment agencies with branch offices in Tagum City. This post will help you, our Tagumeño (Tagumenyo) skilled workers based in Tagum City to know the recruitment agencies within your location that have proper documentation to hire workers abroad.

Tagum City is a 1st class component city and the capital of Davao del Norte province in Mindanao, Philippines. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority 2020 census, Tagum has a population of roughly 296202 people.

Tagum City is the fastest-growing urban city in Mindanao because it is strategically located between two provinces and one metropolitan area of Mindanao. Its economy thrives on industries including Agriculture, Tourism, Export, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, shopping malls, and Transportation.

Tagum City is accessible by land via different land transportation including motorcycles, tricycles, jeepneys, and buses.

In this post, you will know the list of DMW/POEA recruitment agencies based or with a branch office in Tagum City.
recruitment agency in tagum for work abroad

DMW (POEA) Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Work Overseas in Tagum City

Agency Name: Maanyag International Manpower Corporation
Office Address: Mezz Flor, Edar Building, 8202 Dr. A. Santos Avenue Parañaque
Telephone Numbers: 5210215 / 7918374 / Mobile Phone: 09199909744
Email Address:
License Validity: March 5, 2024 / Valid License

Tagum City Branch
Office Address: 2nd Floor, Door 2, E.A.R. Building, Sobrecarey Street, Tagum City
Telephone Numbers: 0956-088-2458
Email Address:

Agency Name: Benchstone Enterprises Inc
Office Address: 2nd Floor, 2687 Arellano Avenue Manila
Telephone Numbers: 2556353 / 2410362
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License

Tagum City Branch
Office Address: Unit 2-A, 2/F NUP 3 Commercial Building, Purok Bayanihan, Barangay Magugpo West, Tagum City
Telephone Numbers: 0908 785 5514
Email Address:

Agency Name: MMML Recruitment Services Inc
Office Address: G/F-5/F, ALA-28 Building, 2026 Singalong Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5229533 / 5270625 / 3033100 / 3033099
Email Address:
License Validity: June 2, 2027 / Valid License

Tagum City Branch
Office Address: Door #2, Rumarch Building (above Karlas Photohaus), Rizal Street, Magugpo Poblacion Tagum City , Tagum City, Philippines
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

What to Do Next

Now that you know the list of POEA (DMW) Recruitment agencies with branch offices in Tagum City, you should verify their information such as the office address, and phone numbers, as they may change occasionally.

To verify the details of the respective recruitment agencies, visit the DMW/POEA website at The DMW website will also give you information about the job openings with available job orders of the recruitment agencies listed in this article.

Be a responsible applicant, visit the Tagum City branch office of the recruitment agency, and apply directly to them.

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