What Network is this Mobile Number in the Philippines? Check Here!

Here is the list of Telco Network Prefix Numbers in case you want to know what mobile network has called or sent you a text message in the Philippines.  Use it to verify the mobile numbers of the respective telco network providers based locally.

The SIM Card Prefix Number is the first four-digit number that you can read on your SIM card. For example, if the mobile number is 0953 – 1234567 or 0945 – 8765432. The 0953 and 0945 respectively, are the prefix number that determines the network provider.

In the Philippines, you can use the 4-digit Prefix Number as a reference to determine if the mobile phone number is from a major Telco Network such as Smart, Globe, TNT, Touch Mobile (TM), or SUN.

Due to the growth in number of mobile phone users in the Philippines, it became difficult to track down what network number or prefix number belongs to a particular telco. Unlike some years ago, if the mobile phone number starts with 0917 you already know that it is from GLOBE, or 0919 from SMART, or SUN cellular if the cellphone number prefix starts with 0922.

The growth of mobile phone users can be because many of us in the Philippines can now afford to have a cellphone. Also, Telco’s promotions are becoming cheaper and better to woo subscribers to transfer to their network.

As a result, Filipinos are now able to communicate and keep in touch with their relatives, friends, and loved ones in the Philippines and in different parts of the world.

But why do you want to know the prefix numbers of the different networks?

I will make a 99.9% accurate guess. It’s because you want to know if the number you will be calling or texting is from tie-up networks.

Why? So you can enjoy promos such as the all-net unlimited text, and unlimited calls for a number of days to fellow network users. It’s cool and at the same time worry-free on your part.

There will be no additional charges when you communicate with them, yet it has lots of benefits. For example, TNT is a Telco that offers internet data and all net text to Smart and Sun Cellular. TM has unli calls to Fellow TM and Globe subscribers depending on the offer that you availed.

You can save money every month by just subscribing to the same telco that many of your acquaintances are using. Just take advantage of the different promos of the said telco for text, calls, and internet data.

Another reason is to know if you can transfer a load with the same telco subscribers.

Somehow, the prefix numbers can also tell how old your mobile number or subscription is. For example, if the first 4 digits of your cellphone number are 0917, it means that you are a Globe user and your number is most probably 5 years or older. 0919 of Smart is also the same. The Profix numbers can also tell you if they are prepaid users.

Last but not least, is to determine your crush’s network to make it less obvious that you are hitting with her/him.

Whatever your reason is, I hope these telco prefix numbers will serve you well for the purpose you intended to use them.

what network is this mobile number philippines

Here is the Smart and TNT Telco Prefix Network Numbers List

Here is the massive list of 4-digit prefix numbers used by roughly 60 Million Smart and TNT subscribers.

  • 0907
  • 0908
  • 0909
  • 0910
  • 0911
  • 0912
  • 0913
  • 0914
  • 0968
  • 0969
  • 0970
  • 0971
  • 0981
  • 0982
  • 0989
  • 0992
  • 0998
  • 0999
  • 0919
  • 0920
  • 0921
  • 0929
  • 0930
  • 0938
  • 0939
  • 0940
  • 0946
  • 0947
  • 0948
  • 0949
  • 0950
  • 0951
  • 0960
  • 0961
  • 0968
  • 0969
  • 0970

Here is the Globe and TM Prefix Network Numbers List

These are the enormous list of 4-digit prefix numbers used by an estimated 70 Million Globe and Touch Mobile (TM)  subscribers combined. Among the list, the most popular ones are 0963, 0966, and 0917.

  • 0965
  • 0966
  • 0967
  • 0975
  • 0994
  • 0995
  • 0997
  • 0915
  • 0916
  • 0917
  • 0918
  • 0926
  • 0927
  • 0928
  • 0935
  • 0936
  • 0945
  • 0953
  • 0954
  • 0955
  • 0956
  • 0963
  • 0964
  • 0906

Here is the SUN Mobile Network Prefix Numbers List

Millions of Sun Cellular subscribers are using the following prefix numbers.

  • 0972
  • 0922
  • 0923
  • 0924
  • 0925
  • 0931
  • 0932
  • 0933
  • 0934
  • 0941
  • 0942
  • 0943
  • 0944
  • 0952
  • 0962

Here is Exetel Network Prefix Mobile Numbers

So far, there are only two prefix numbers for Exetel Network.

  • 0973
  • 0974

Here are Next Mobile Prefix Numbers

On the other hand, Next Mobile has only 4 prefix numbers currently available to its subscribers.

  • 0977
  • 0978
  • 0979
  • 0980

Why Globe and Smart Telcos Use Many Prefix Numbers?

The reason Globe and Smart Telcos use many prefix numbers is they have more than 100 million subscribers combined. Globe has 70 million subscribers while Smart has 60 million. Unlike Exetel or Next Mobile which have thousands only.

You can take note of the list of prefix numbers based on the post. Chances are if you see that the person calling or texting you has 4 digit prefix next to its mobile phone number that is similar to the list above. There is a high chance that it belongs to that particular network.

For example, if the prefix number is 0953, 0963, or 0966, then it is possible that it is a Globe or TM subscriber.

What Telco Network is 0945?

0945 is a prefix number from either Globe Telecom or TM Telco network.

What Telco Network is 0961?

0961 is a prefix number from either the Smart or TNT Telco network.

What Telco Network is 0956?

0956 is a prefix number from either the Globe Telecom or TM Telco network.

What Telco Network is 0995?

0995 is a prefix number from either Globe Telecom or TM Telco network.

0936 is from What Network?

0936 is a prefix number from either Globe Telecom or TM Telco network.

What Telco Network is 0970?

0970 is a prefix number from either the Smart Telco network.

What Telco Network is 0977?

0977 is a prefix number from either Globe Telecom or TM Telco network.

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