Temple Run 2 Free Download for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and Android Phones

The ever-irresistible Temple Run from Imangi studios got even better with its second sequel Temple Run 2 and you know what its free for download in iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and on latest android phones.

Temple Run 2 is not just an upgrade of previous, rather totally improved game with new dangerous tracks that will trigger adrenaline rush on avid temple run players. It features new adventure, beautiful new graphics, gorgeous new organic environments, new obstacles such as breathtaking zip lines, dangerous cliffs, including giant evil monkey. It has more power-ups that each player can get while running endlessly to exceed the achievements they had on previous version. It’s made even more exciting since every character that can be used has own unique special abilities aside from the usual jumping, turning, sliding and running nonstop in the game.
Temple run 2
With just weeks from the time of launching temple run 2 already reached 20 Million downloads and counting. At this rate, it will surely surpass the previous version in terms of number of downloads in just short time. If you have not played the game yet with your iDevices / android phones then download temple run 2 free now. Visit app store, Google Play, and amazon apps to download the game on respective iOS and android powered phones and tablets.

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