Temple Run Cheats to have 12 Million score

Are you looking for temple run cheats? My brother-in-law confirmed that the top free game app temple run on iphone and to other iOS devices, does have a cheat. He even sent me a copy of the highest score he got on temple run while enabling cheat on the game. The cheat will let your temple run character run on their own so you won’t get tired of swiping up and down, left and right, and tilting sideways to get the highest score you ever dreamed of.

First of all don’t use cheats much as it may work against you since the supposed to be more challenging, exciting game might become boring for sometime with the cheats enabled.

Temple Run Infinite run Cheat instruction:

temple run with cheat ON

I usually play temple run using just one hand but if you want to activate this cheat, I suggest you hold your iphone comfortably so you can execute the instruction with few attempts.

1. Run temple run on your iphone.
2. Turn on tutorial mode, then play the game
3. While turning, swipe the screen 3 times (should be very fast) towards the direction of the tutorial arrow.

After you’ve done it perfectly your character will run on straight path as long as there’s battery with your iphone.

in android phone
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  • James

    ganun pala yun nagpapakahirap pako haha…matry nga :)

  • Julie Ann

    Tempted to do the same but I sooo love this game that I don’t want to get bored. Reached 6 million without cheat. hehe!

  • aaron

    their is a cheay / hack i know about

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