How to Find the Nearest TESDA Assessment Center?

TESDA Assessment Center refers to a facility authorized by TESDA to administer exams to graduates of TESDA training programs.

Examples of TESDA Assessment Centers include TESDA Accredited Schools, TESDA District Offices, TESDA Provincial training centers, and TESDA Regional offices.

To find the nearest TESDA Assessment Center, visit TESDA’s official website at, tap the “For Institutions and Assessment Centers” link, select your Qualification, Region, and Province, browse the list of Assessment Centers in the choices, and visit the nearest one based on your home address. Below is the 5-step guide.

Step 1: Visit the Website of TESDA

The official website of TESDA is, you can visit it by typing the said URL into the address bar of your favorite web browser. The URL will redirect you to the homepage of the training institution.

tesda assessment centers location

Step 2: Go to For Institutions and Assessment Centers

At the homepage, scroll down until you see the “For Institutions and Assessment Centers” link. It will redirect you to a popup menu. In the choices, under Assessment and Certification, tap “Accredited Assessment Centers”.

tesda accredited assessment centers

Step 3: Select the Qualification, Region, and Province

The Qualification refers to the TESDA training program that you have taken and wanted to be tested with. To select the qualification, tap the dropdown menu and then use your mouse wheel to scroll up or down the list of “Qualifications.”

Afterward, select the “Region” where you are located. Tap the dropdown menu then use your mouse wheel to scroll up/down to find your Region. Then do similar step to select your “Province.” Once done, tap the blue “Search” button.

tesda select qualification region province

Step 4: Get the Details of the Assessment Center near you

The details of the assessment center are the name of the assessment center, telephone numbers, email address, center manager, region, and province. You can view the details of the assessment center when you tap the blue “Details” button adjacent to the accreditation number.

Write down the details of the assessment center on a piece of paper. Afterward, inquire directly to them about the exam schedule, examination fee, and the requirements submission process.

details assessment center tesda

Step 5: Visit the Assessment Center to take the test

Go to the assessment center according to the exam schedule set. Afterward, take and pass the trade test.

How much is the TESDA Assessment Fee?

The TESDA Assessment Fees range from 555 Pesos to 8790 Pesos per person. The price includes the assessor’s fee per examinee. The assessment fee varies with the qualification of the examinee who will take the assessment exam.

What is the basis of the TESDA Assessment Examination?

The basis of the TESDA Assessment Examination is the Training Regulations (TR) of the training program taken by the examinee. The Training Regulations are composed of four sections namely Definition of Qualification, Competency Standards, Training Arrangements, and Assessment and Certification Arrangements.


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