Tesda List of Assessment Fees, How to Apply for Assessment and Certification

Here are the assessment fees for the courses being offered by TESDA. You can also read here the steps on how to apply for assessment and national certificate ( NC I, NC II) for the new applicants.

Alright, let us say, you have finished taking the course of your choice in TESDA and wanted to be certified or gain national certificate (NC) / certificate of competency (COC) from them. What you need to do is visit an accredited tesda assessment centers so your competency and skills can be evaluated by a certified assessor.

Take note that TESDA assessment is not free of charge but I think it is very affordable. The fee is for the total cost of supplies and materials to be used during the evaluation process, and I think also the assessor’s professional fee.

The tesda assessment fee total cost ranges from Php100 up to Php700 depending on the course that you will be assessed. For example, Tailoring NC II assessment would cost 400.00 Pesos, Housekeeping NC is within Php 350.00, and Dressmaking NC II is around Php 420.00.

Other courses like Footwear Making, Machining NC II, and Automotive Body Painting / Finishing NC, Gas Metal Arc Welding NC II assessments are in the range of Php 600.00, and Plumbing NC II assessment cost is around Php 500.00.

After you passed the assessment exam you will need to apply for the certificate. You will receive your National Certificate / Certificate of Competency after 7 working days. Your name will also be included in the Registry of Certified Workers list in the official website www.tesda.gov.ph.

This is advantageous on your part since future employers can find information such as your full name, certificate number, qualification title, type of certificate, your location, date issued, and expiration date of your certificate whenever they need skilled workers, or when they conduct online verification.

For example, Company “A” based in the Philippines is looking for a high skilled welder, there will be a chance that they will visit the official website of TESDA and search for a highly skilled welder like you. Since they can see your name in tesda’s roster of registered and certified welders then they may contact and send you an invite to apply to their company.

Another example is a Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) accredited manpower agency “B”, needs an experienced Bartender for their clients abroad, they may also look at tesda’s roster for registered and certified Bartender.

Since you have a National certificate given by the technical vocational institution then they may contact you and send you an invite to apply to them. Again, these are just some of the scenarios that can happen.

Tesda List of Assessment Fees for Respective Courses

In this part, you can find the list of tesda courses and their respective assessment fee. The total fee covers the cost of supplies and materials used during your competency assessment and assessor’s professional fee.

  • Carpentry NC II Assessment Fee – Php600
  • Housekeeping NC II Assessment Fee – Php350
  • Household Services NC II – Php400
  • Caregiving NC II – Php350
  • Automotive Servicing NC II – Php700
  • Tailoring NC II – Php400
  • Dressmaking NC II – Php420
  • Driving NC II Assessment Fee – Php200
  • Heavy Equipment Operation NC II (on-site) – Php600
  • Food Processing NC II Assessment Fee – Php500
  • Commercial Cooking NC II – Php400
  • Bartending NC II – Php500
  • Baking / Pastry Production NC II – Php400
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I Assessment Fee – Php500
  • Massage Therapy NC II – Php350
  • Slaughtering Operations NC II / Butchery – Php350
  • Machining NC I – Php500
  • Masonry NC I – Php500 / Php600
  • Food and Beverage Servicing NC II – Php300

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source: www.tesda.gov.ph/uploads/File/ListofAssessmentFees.pdf

How to Apply for TESDA Assessment and National Certificate ( NC )

Step 1: Visit any accredited tesda assessment center near your place

You need to visit the accredited assessment center that is capable of assessing your competency with respect to the course that you took.

Step 2: Submit a completely filled-out application form and self-assessment guide for your chosen course

Submit the two accomplished forms and also bring 3 passport size colored picture (with collar and white background). Your name should also be printed at the back of the picture.

Step 3: Proceed to the assessment center’s cashier and pay the assessment fee

Pay the designated amount for the assessment of your completed courses. You will get the official receipt and admission slip.

Step 4: Be at the assigned assessment center venue on your scheduled assessment day

Arrive early at the place where you will take your assessment. Bring your admission slip.

Step 5: Get your competency assessment result summary

You can get it at the center where you took the certification exam.

Step 6: Get your assessment result

If you passed the exam then you can apply for a National Certificate ( NC ) at the respective district or provincial office of the TESDA assessment center where you took the exam.

Step 7: Claiming of your TESDA NC 1 / NC 2 and COC

After 7 working days, claim your Certificate of Competency (COC) / National Certificate (NC). Bring the Competency Assessment Result Summary (CARS), official receipt, and valid identification card.

TESDA Assessment Center Requirements

If you plan to undergo a tesda assessment, you only need to prepare three (3) documents. These are the following:

  • properly filled up self assessment guide form (downloadable at tesda website)
  • properly filled up application form (downloadable at tesda website)
  • Three (3) pieces 2 x 2 inches picture with your complete name written on the back of each picture

I failed the Assessment Exam, Can I retake it?

Yes, you can choose to re-take the assessment exam. Take the assessment exam as many times as you want since it has no limit.

What is the Meaning of NC II or NC III in TESDA

TESDA’s NC stands for ‘National Certificate.’ It is a document issued by the mentioned Technical Vocational Education and Training Institution in the Philippines to individuals/students who were able to achieve the required competency units based on the national qualification stated in the training regulation of TESDA.

What is TESDA NC Validity

The National Certificate (NC) has a validity of 5 years. Afterward, an individual can renew or replace their NC at the TESDA branch office where it was issued.

How to Renew the Tesda National Certificate

Step 1: Proceed to the Issuing assessment center

You need to proceed to the assessment center that issued your current national certificate or Certificate of Competency to apply for renewal or revalidation.

Step 2: Submit the following requirements

These are the list of documentary requirements that you need to submit with the assessment center:

  • Properly filled out application form
  • Your original National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC)
  • 3 pcs passport-sized colored ID picture with white background
  • Certificate of Employment (COE)

Step 3: Renewal Fee Payment

Proceed to the assessment center cashier to pay the renewal fee and get your official receipt.

Step 4: Claim your New NC or COC

Go to the respective tesda issuing office to personally claim your certificate. You need to bring the official receipt and valid IDs for verification.

If your certificate will be claimed by a representative, the latter needs to submit a special power of attorney provided by you the applicant.

Here is my other source www.tesda.gov.ph/About/TESDA/46

* I hope this helps

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