5 Benefits of Studying in Tesda Online Program

These are the 5 benefits that you can enjoy when you study online at tesda. In this part, I will share with you some of the benefits to help you decide to take a course in the online programs of tesda.

5 Benefits of Studying in the Tesda Online Program

You can learn Multiple skills for Free

There are numerous courses that are included in the tesda online program database. You have a wide range of choices. You can study as many as you want. Examples of the courses are related to computers, tourism, food and beverage, housekeeping, and technical. The lessons are held online which means you can study many modules as long as it fits your schedule.

What’s awesome is it’s free as in no tuition fee. After finishing your chosen program. You can go to the respective assessment centers to take the face-to-face examination. If you pass the test, you can receive the national certificate (NC).

Study At Your Own Pace

Studying online at tesda is helpful for those who have a full-time job or for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge. These online courses do not have a definite schedule as compared to the usual classroom setting. It is you who will decide whether you want to finish a lesson/module in one day or in 1 week.

You can learn them wherever you are in the world and at your preferred time. Provided you have a personal computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

If for some reason you were not able to understand the lesson on the first take, you can always go back to study it again. There is no limit on how many times you can learn or re-learn the modules. tesda program benefits

Reduce Your Learning Expenses

Aside from the usual cost of tuition fees of traditional school. Studying at home can reduce your other expenses such as transportation, food cost from baon, and school uniform.

For instance, while at home, you can wear your usual clothes such as your pajamas or sando. In the class, you cannot do that because you need to wear the designated uniform or presentable clothes. You do not have to waste your time in the traffic. The money that you will spend on each meal in school for a day can sometimes be enough to cover the meal of the whole family for the day.

Study in a Stress-Free Environment

Since you are studying at home, you only need to deal with your relatives. Unlike when you are in the classroom, you need to deal with your professors, and fellow students. Moreover, you have to deal with the traffic. Imagine you will travel 1 to 2 hours one way to travel to school. It is equal to 1.5 days a month lost in traffic.

I almost forgot to tell you that, you also have to brave the flood during the rainy season or deal with the scorching heat during the summer. When you study online, you do not have to mind all of those.

Enhance Self-Discipline

In school, you need to follow certain schedules including sets of rules per subject. You are also forced to prepare for incoming exams to maintain good grades. Don’t get me wrong, these schedules and rules can help you to become naturally disciplined.

At home, you need to force yourself to be disciplined hahaha. You need to develop good study habits and maintain them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to finish modules or lessons since there is no pressure on your part to learn. So aside from learning new skills, you can also develop self-discipline while you study at home.

For example, OFWs who want to study in tesda have to be disciplined. They have deliberately freed up some of their time if they really want to learn new skills. This is while experiencing issues at work or with their relatives in the Philippines.

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The online program of tesda has given opportunities to working professionals and students to enhance their knowledge as well as develop a new set of skills. They just need to have the willpower, and the necessary gadgets to begin their learning journey. Also, studying online will allow them to experience the 5 benefits that I have mentioned in this post.

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