Caregiver Training in TESDA: Tuition Fee, Duration, Schools, and Requirements

The Caregiver Course in TESDA offers good opportunities for Filipinos who want to work Overseas. This is because Caregiving is an in-demand profession in Asian and European countries that have an increasing elderly population, which will require the assistance of well-trained Caregivers.

However, these countries will not have enough manpower for the said profession and have to rely on migrant workers who have experience as caregivers.

The said future opportunities lure some Filipino professionals into making a career shift and studying the Caregiver course. In the Philippines, there are Tesda-accredited schools that offer Caregiver training. The course duration is 6 months to 1 year depending on the school’s class schedule.

The accredited schools will train the students with regards to bed making, the proper way of taking care of physically handicapped patients, and proper cleaning of patients’ private parts. Some schools integrate house cleaning, and laundry into the caregiver course. Those who want to study the caregiver can check the list of schools below.


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How much is the Tuition Fee for Caregiver Course in TESDA

The tuition fee for the Caregiver Course in TESDA is between 18000 pesos to 37000 pesos. The fee may be inclusive of the tuition fee, school ID, learning materials, On-The-Job Training (OJT), Insurance, and uniform. Please inquire with the school for their payment terms such as installment or cash basis.

How Much is the Assessment Fee for TESDA Caregiver Course

The assessment fee for the Caregiver in TESDA is around 350.00 pesos. The assessment fees by COC are the following:

  • Provide Support and Care to the Elderly and People with Special Needs is around 250.00 pesos
  • Provide Support and Care to Infants Toddlers /Children is around 250.00 pesos
caregiving assessment fee

Is there a Free Caregiver Course in TESDA?

Yes, there is a Free Caregiver Course in TESDA on its e-learning program. The online Caregiver training focuses on lessons on how to take care of the elderly. It has 6 modules that cover lessons on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Caregiving which is about the knowledge, skills, and attitude that you should have to become a caregiver
  • Acquiring the know-how to Recognize the Aging Process
  • Taking part in the development, provision, and monitoring of the patient’s care plan
  • Performing the daily caring needs of the patients within the latter’s care plan
  • Performing technical caring procedures such as wound care, hot and cold therapy, and giving palliative care within the patient’s care plan
  • Prepare, assist, administer, and record the clients/patient’s prescribed medication

What is the uniform of a Caregiver Student?

A typical Caregiver student wears “Scrubs” or Scrub Suits as their uniform. It often comes in solid colors such as dark blue, dark green, or grey.

How long is the TESDA Caregiver Course?

The training duration for the Caregiver course is between 786 hours to 1078 hours. It is equivalent to 6 months to 1 year of training at 4-hour sessions per day. This still varies depending on the school schedule.

TESDA Caregiver Accredited Schools List

Adamson University
Address: 900 San Marcelino St., Manila
Phone number: 524-20-11 / 5246590
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 6 months

AMA Computer College – Sta. Mesa Inc.
Address: 3299 Magsaysay Blvd. cor Maganda Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Phone number: 714-88-82 / 715-60-78 / 716-93-21
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 6 months
Health Care Services NC II – 1 year

College of the Holy Spirit of Manila
Address: Mendiola Street, Manila
Phone number: 734-79-21 / 735-59-87
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 6 months

De Ocampo Memorial College Inc.
Address: 3200-3222 R. Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Phone number: 715-64-45 / 715-09-67
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Metropolitan Medical Center College of Arts, Science and Technology (formerly Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing Inc.)
Address: 1357 G. Masangkay St., Sta Cruz, Manila
Phone number: 254-11-11 loc.8218
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Philippine Women’s University
Address: Taft Avenue, Manila
Phone number: 526-69-35 / 524-26-14 / 526-84 21
Courses / Duration:
Certificate in Caregiving NC II – 6 months

Address: 1745 Abdon St., Brgy. 843, Pandacan, Manila
Phone number: 563-8105 / 521-47-07
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 6 months
Caretaker – 150 hours

Address: N. Domingo St., San Juan, Metro Manila
Phone number: 744-6028 / TeleFax: 744-6029
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Unciano Colleges and General Hospital
Address: Guadalcanal St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Phone number: 716-72-91 / 715-88-43 / Fax: 716-72-92
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 6 months

Asia Pacific Caregiver & Healthcare Training Center, Inc.
Address: Unit 501, 5th Floor , Panorama Building, 1139 EDSA Quezon City
Phone number: 410-3331
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours
Household Services NC II – 216 hours
Care Provision – 100 hours

Asian Caregiving and Technology Education Centers (ACTEC CUBAO) Inc.
Address: 727, Tri-O Bldg. Bgy. Pinagkaisahan, Cubao, Quezon City
Phone number: 415-9224 / 367-8233
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Housekeeping NC II – 436 hours
Household Services NC II – 216 hours

Asian College of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc.
Address: No. 1013 Aurora Blvd., Project 3, Quezon City
Phone number: 997-5707 / Fax: 912-3238 / 912-3236
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Central Colleges of the Philippines, Inc.
Address: 52 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City
Phone number: 7155170 – 75
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 1079 hours

Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila Foundation Inc.
Address: No. 6 Kingfisher corner Skylark St. Zabarte Subdivision,Novaliche, Quezon city
Phone number: 939-9138 / 930-5785
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Housekeeping NC II – 436 hours

College of St. Catherine Quezon City Inc.
Address: 362 Quirino High-way, Novaliches Quezon City
Phone number: 430-4883 / 330-4883
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Housekeeping NC II – 436 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Delos Santos-STI College, Inc.
Address: 201 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City
Phone number: 721-7887 / 721-7871
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Housekeeping NC II – 436 hours

Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College, Inc. (formerly Dr. Carlos S. Lanting School of Midwifery, Incorporated)
Address: 16 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City
Phone number: 938-7782 – 89
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Housekeeping NC II – 356 hours

St. Augustine School of Nursing – Fairview, Inc.
Address: JB Crystal Bldg.Quirino Highway , Lagro Q.C.
Phone number: 461-3795
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

St. Mary’s College
Address: 37 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City
Phone number: 373-6846 / 413-4076
Courses / Duration:
Health Care Services NC II – 1079 hours
Caregiving – Not Available

Address: Gilmore Ave. corner Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City
Phone number: 726-7986 to 88 / 722-1865
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

World City College, Inc. (Quezon City Medical Center Colleges)
Address: 960 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City
Phone number: 913-6351
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 978 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Asian Caregiving and Technology Education Centers, Inc.
Address: A & A Bldg., 120 P. Jacinto cor. Boni Serrano St. Calaanan East, Caloocan City
Phone number: 366-3975 / 367-8233
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Colleges of Caybiga, Inc.
Address: 15 Gen. Luis St. Caybiga, Caloocan City
Phone number: 983-5582
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Carenet Healthcare Institute, Inc.
Address: 1174 4/F Piedra Building Chino Roces Avenue, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City
Phone number: 890-4547 / 890-7594
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Fine International Training and Assessment Center, Inc. (formerly: Fine Internatioal Training Center)
Address: 518 Narra St. Cembo, Makati City
Phone number: (+632) 3838766
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

MCC Peoplecare Training Center
Address: Penthouse 4, Jackson Bldg. 926 Arnaiz Ave. San Lorenzo, Makati City
Phone number: 810-4026 / 723-9626
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Address: Old Address: Rm. 301, MM Square Bldg. 678 Shaw Blvd., Pasig City
Phone number: 628-1635
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

Address: 3/F SPS Center, Plaza Bonifacio Pasig City
Phone number: 643-78-94 / 628-25-83 / 641-77-77
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Nursing Aide – 1 year

Address: Alcalde Jose St., Kapasigan, Pasig City
Phone number: 628-1014 / 6439558
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Address: Justice R. Jabson St., Molino, Pasig City
Phone number: 642-7481 / 641-1791
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Health Care Services NC II – Not Available

Address: No. 3 Carmen Bldg., Caruncho Avenue, San Nicolas, Pasig City
Phone number: 641-9471 / 645-2266
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours
Health Care Services NC II – 996 hours

Address: Metropolitan Park, President Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City
Phone number: 859-0888 / 859-0812
Courses / Duration:
Caregiving NC II – 786 hours

How to Find the TESDA Accredited Caregiver Schools Near You

To find the TESDA Accredited Caregiver schools near you, visit the official website of TESDA, go to the “For Learners and Workers” page, then tap the “Registered Courses” link. Afterward, on the new page, type “Caregiver” and your location in the given spaces. Below is the 5-step guide.

Step 1: Visit the Official website of TESDA

The website of TESDA is You can search for it online using your favorite web browser.

Step 2: Proceed to For Learners and Workers Page

At the homepage of the TESDA website, go to the “For Learners and Workers” page located in the middle part of the website. A window will pop up. In the choices, go to the “Registered Courses” link.

how to find the accredited tesda caregiver course step 1

Step 3: Type Caregiver as the Course Name and your Location in the Space

Type “Caregiver” as your chosen course and your city or province location in the given space. In the example, I input “Iloilo.” As a result, the TESDA website will show the list of accredited schools that offer the Caregiver course in Iloilo.

type caregiver in the space and your location

Step 4: Get the Details of the TESDA Schools and Inquire about the training

Get the complete name of the school, address, and telephone number. Afterward, inquire with them about the course duration, admission requirements, class schedule, and tuition fee.

Step 5: Enroll in the Caregiver School

Based on the information that you have acquired. It’s about time that you enroll in the school to start your training.

What are the Enrollment Requirements for the Caregiver Course in TESDA

The enrollment requirements for the caregiver course in TESDA are colored ID pictures, PSA Birth Certificate (original and photocopy), Barangay Clearance (original and photocopy), High School Diploma (Original and Photocopy) for High School Graduates, Good Moral Character certificate (you can get this from your High School/College School), College Diploma (Original and Photocopy) for College Graduate, Marriage Certificate (for married students), and Long Brown Envelope.

To be accepted into this course students should also be able to communicate both in oral and written form, be mentally and physically fit, and can perform simple mathematical computations.

Note: the required quantity per document depends on the school so inquire with them about it

How to Enroll in the Caregiver Course in TESDA Accredited Schools

Now that you know how to find the list of schools that offer the Caregiver course. Here is the detailed step-by-step guide for the enrollment process.

Step 1: Select your preferred Caregiver school

Based on the list of schools that you have gathered, select your top 3 schools that are nearest to your house. The latter should be within the 1 hour travel time from your place. The main reason is so you do not have to wake up very early to prepare for school and you do not have to go home late after class.

The other thing that you need to consider is the reputation of the school. Ask someone who previously took the Caregiver course if they will recommend the said school. If they said “Yes” then it’s a plus point for the school.

The tuition fee is another factor that you should consider. Determine which school has the most budget-friendly tuition fee and payment terms. Some schools offer discounts, and installment basis when you pay for your tuition fee.

Determine which school has the most favorable training schedule. If you work in the morning and will take the Caregiver course at night time or on weekends. Then you have to think about the school’s training schedule relative to your work schedule.
Rank the school in terms of “Most Preferred” to “Least Preferred.”

Step 2: Inquire with the School about the Admission Requirements

Inquire with your “Most Preferred” school about their list of admission requirements and start preparing them immediately.

Some requirements such as Good Moral Character, Form 137, or Form 138 take time to acquire because you have to request them from your High School alma mater.

Step 3: Submit the Requirements, Pay the Tuition Fee, and Enroll at the Caregiver School

Typically, the submission of the requirements and payment of your tuition fee takes place on the same day. If this is the case, then bring the required documents and tuition fee as you visit your school.

After this step, you are now enrolled in your preferred Caregiver school.

Step 4: Attend the Caregiver Training

Alright, learn everything that your trainer is teaching you. Ask for clarifications if you do not understand the topic. Volunteer to become the leader of your group during the practical examination for the course.

After the class, review the lessons at home to master them. Doing so helps you to prepare for the assessment exam that you have to take to get the TESDA’s National Certificate for Caregiver. Good luck!

What are the Jobs for Caregiver Course graduates of TESDA?

The jobs of Caregiver Course graduates of TESDA include caregiver of an infant/toddler, caregiver of a child, caregiver of an elderly, and caregiver of people with special needs.

Which Countries Have Job Openings for Caregivers?

The countries that have job openings for Caregivers are Israel, Canada, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, and Cook Islands.

Watch the video below from TV Patrol for the latest news about the opportunities for caregivers abroad:

Note: Phone numbers and addresses of respective schools are from the official website of TESDA ( It may be outdated so please search online for the updated details of the particular school. For your safety, please don’t leave your email address, telephone number, and address in the comments section.

This is only a blog and is not in any way related to the featured schools in this post. Credits to TV Patrol of ABS-CBN News for the Photo and Video featured in this post.

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