Here’s a List of TESDA Courses offered 2024 (with Job Title)

TESDA Courses refer to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) offered face-to-face by TESDA-accredited schools. There are more than 318 TESDA Courses offered in 2024 in the Philippines.

TESDA Courses are categorized under the industry sectors including Tourism, Metals and Engineering, Social and community development, Construction, Health care, Agriculture, Electrical and electronics, Information and communication technology, Automotive and land transportation, HVAC, TVET, Garments, and Food and beverages.

TESDA Courses are Short-term Courses because their average duration is between 144 hours and 960 hours (30 Days and 243 Days)(1 Month and 8 Months) if the class session is 4 hours (240 minutes) per day.

TESDA Courses are offered for all Filipinos, high school graduates, PWD, OFWs, Housewives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, unemployed, and ALS certificate holders. There are no TESDA Courses offered for high school undergraduates.

The tuition fee for the TESDA Courses ranges from 10000.00 Pesos to 61000.00 Pesos (175.87 USD to 1072.82 USD) per student depending on the TESDA-accredited schools, duration, and equipment used for the Course.

Graduates of TESDA Courses have to take the assessment examination administered by TESDA-accredited schools to obtain a training certificate called a National Certificate (NC). The National Certificate is an added qualification for getting a job abroad via legitimate employment agencies.

tesda courses offered

The main advantage for Graduates of TESDA Courses is a high employability rate as they are hired by employers quickly. According to, 7 out of 10 (70 percent) of their graduates find a job easily, and 9 out of 10 (90 percent ) employers are satisfied with their performance in the workplace. The Table Chart below shows the full list of TESDA Courses offered with training duration and equivalent Occupations (job title) it leads to in the Philippines.

Name of TESDA CoursesTraining Duration (in Hours)Equivalent Occupation (Job Title)
2D Animation NC III968 HoursAnimator
2D Game Art Development NC III1,134 Hours2D Game Artist
3D Animation NC III1,100 Hours3D Modeller, 3D Animator
3D Game Art Development NC III1364 Hours3D Game Artist, Game Animator
5-Axis CNC Machine Operation NC III432 Hours5-Axis CNC Machine Programmer, 5-Axis CNC Machine Operator
Able Seafarer Deck NC II (II-5)158 HoursAB Deck
Able Seafarer Engine NC II (III-5)146 HoursAB Engine
Agricultural Crops Production NC I302 HoursFarm Laborer
Agricultural Crops Production NC II336 HoursFarmer, Farm Worker, Farm Caretaker,
Agricultural Crops Production NC III445 HoursIndependent Farmer
Agricultural Machinery Operation NC II341 HoursAgricultural Machinery Operator, Agricultural Tractor Operator
Agricultural Machinery Servicing (4-Wheel Tractor) NC III847 Hours4-Wheel Tractor Mechanic, 4-Wheel Tractor Servicing Personnel
Agroentrepreneurship NC II336 HoursMarketing Coordinator, Production Coordinator
Agroentrepreneurship NC III445 HoursFarmer Leader
Agroentrepreneurship NC IV715 HoursAgroenterprise Facilitator
Air Duct Servicing NC II596 HoursHVAC Worker
Animal Health Care and Management NC III358 HoursLivestock Health Technician
Animal Production (Poultry-Chicken) NC II266 HoursPoultry Farmer, Broiler Raiser, Layer Raiser
Animal Production (Ruminants) NC II306 HoursLivestock Raiser, Cattle Farm Worker Specialist
Animal Production (Swine) NC II306 HoursSwine Farmer, Swine Production Technician
Animation NC II616 HoursClean-Up Artist, In-Between Artist
Aquaculture (Grow-Out Operation) NC II490 HoursAquaculture Worker, Grow-out Operator
Aquaculture (Hatchery Operation) NC II266 HoursHatchery Farm Worker
Aquaculture (Tilapia Culture) NC II769 HoursTilapia Farm Technician
Artificial Insemination (Large Ruminants) NC II220 HoursArtificial Insemination Technician
Artificial Insemination (Swine) NC II194 HoursSwine Breeding Technician
Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Orthotics) NC II1053 HoursOrthotic Technician
Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Prosthetics) NC II993 HoursProsthetic Technician
Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II735 HoursWheelchair Technician
Attractions and Theme Parks Operations NC II62 HoursTheme Park Attendant, Ride Operator
Audio Production Services NC I315 HoursLive Sound Assistant
Auto Engine Rebuilding NC II158 HoursAutomotive Engine Rebuilder
Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC I120 HoursAutomotive Painter
Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II158 HoursAutomotive Painter
Automotive Body Repairing NC II118 HoursBody Repair Personnel
Automotive Electrical Assembly NC II143 HoursAutomotive Electrical Assembly Technician
Automotive Electrical Assembly NC III200 HoursAutomotive Electrical Assembly Rectifier
Automotive Mechanical Assembly NC II105 HoursAutomotive Electrical Assembly Technician
Automotive Mechanical Assembly NC III440 HoursAutomotive Mechanical Assembly Rectifier
Automotive Painting NC II1099 HoursAutomotive Body Painting Personnel
Automotive Servicing (Chassis Repair) NC II545 HoursAutomotive Chassis Specialist
Automotive Servicing (Electrical Repair) NC II588 HoursElectrical Technician (Automotive)
Automotive Servicing (Engine Repair) NC II465 HoursEngine Repair Technician
Automotive Servicing NC I469 HoursPre-delivery Inspector
Automotive Servicing NC II676 HoursAutomotive Service Technician
Automotive Servicing NC III596 HoursAutomotive Senior Technician
Automotive Servicing NC IV804 HoursAutomotive Service Shop Supervisor
Automotive Wiring Harness Assembly NC II193 HoursAutomotive Wiring Harness Assembler
Bags and Accessories Making240 Hours 
Bamboo Processing (Engineered-Bamboo) NC II414 HoursEngineered-bamboo processor
Bamboo Production NC II195 HoursBamboo Farm Worker
Barangay Health Services NC II648 HoursBarangay Health Worker
Barbering NC II656 HoursBarber, Assistant Barber
Barista NC II249 HoursBarista
Bartending NC II656 HoursBartender
Basic Computer Literacy72 Hours 
Basic Pattern Making200 Hours 
Beauty Care (Nail Care) Services NC II216 HoursManicurist, Pedicurist
Beauty Care (Nail Enhancement Technology) Services NC III198 HoursNail Specialist
Beauty Care (Skin Care) Services NC II307 HoursBeauty Therapy Assistant
Beekeeping NC II190 HoursBeekeeper, Apiary Worker
Biogas Plant Installation NC III304 HoursBiogas Plant Construction Foreman
Biomedical Equipment Servicing NC II960 HoursBiomedical Equipment Technician
Bookkeeping NC III292 hoursBookkeeper, Accounting Clerk
Bread and Pastry Production NC II141 HoursBaker, Commis – Pastry
Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) NC II116 HoursFixed Wireless Broadband Installer
Cable TV Installation NC II362 HoursCable TV Installer
Cable TV Operation and Maintenance NC III612 HoursCable Systems Technician
CAD/CAM Operation NC III234 HoursCAD/CAM Operator
Caregiving (Clients with Special Needs) NC II813 HoursCaregiver for People with Special Needs
Caregiving (Elderly) NC II561 HoursCaregiver for Elderly
Caregiving (Grade Schooler to Adolescent) NC II549 HoursCaregiver for Grade Schooler and Adolescent
Caregiving (Newborn to Pre-Schooler) NC II625 HoursCaregiver for Newborn to Pre-schooler
Caregiving NC II786 HoursCaregiver
Carpentry NC II381 HoursRough and Finishing Carpenter
Carpentry NC III224 HoursSpecialized Carpenter
Chemical Process Operations NC III300 HoursChemical Process Operator
CNC Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) Wire Cut Operation NC III296 HoursCNC EDM Wire Cut Operator, CNC EDM Wire Cut Programmer
CNC Lathe Machine Operation NC II255 HoursCNC Lathe Machine Operator (Basic)
CNC Lathe Machine Operation NC III234 HoursCNC Lathe Machine Operator (Advanced)
CNC Milling Machine Operation NC II255 HoursCNC Milling Machine Operator (Basic)
CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III234 HoursCNC Milling Machine Operator (Advanced)
Commercial Air-conditioning Installation and Servicing NC III720 HoursCommercial Air-Conditioning Unit Installer and Maintenance Technician
Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Servicing NC III720 HoursCommercial Refrigeration Equipment Installer and Maintenance Technician
Computer Systems Servicing NC II280 HoursComputer Assembler, Computer Service Technician
Construction Lift Passenger/Material Elevator Operation NC II140 HoursConstruction Lift Passenger Operator, Construction Material Elevator Operator
Construction Painting NC II178 HoursConstruction Painter
Construction Painting NC III158 HoursPainter III
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC III176 HoursConsumer Electronics Products Assembly Supervisor
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV176 HoursConsumer Electronics Product Assembly Supervisor
Contact Center Services NC II144 HoursInbound/Outbound Contact Center Service Agent
Contact Tracing NC II301 HoursContact Tracer
Cookery NC II316 HoursCook, Commis, Assistant Cook
COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT LEVEL IV Chairman, Board Member, Vice-Chair, Committee Member
Customer Services NC II236 HoursSales Clerk, Sales Assistant
Dental Hygiene Level IV4555 HoursDental Hygienist
Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Fixed Dentures/Restorations) NC II808 HoursDental Laboratory Technician (Fixed Dentures/Restorations), Dental Prosthetics Technician
Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Removable Dentures/Appliances) NC II1446 HoursDental Laboratory Technician (Removable Dentures/Restorations), Dental Prosthetics Technician
Dental Laboratory Technology Services NC I976 HoursDental Laboratory Aide / Assistant
Dental Technology NC IV4555 HoursDental Technologist, Dental Lab Technical Services Supervisor
Die Designing NC IV424 HoursDie designer
Diesel Power Plant Maintenance NC III352 HoursDiesel Power Plant Senior Operation Maintenance Technician
Diesel Power Plant Operation and Maintenance NC II262 HoursDiesel Power Plant Operator, Diesel Power Plant Maintenance Technician
Diesel Power Plant Operation and Maintenance NC III302 HoursDiesel Power Plant Operator, Diesel Power Plant Maintenance Technician
Diploma in Film and Creative Media Arts1,247 Hours 
Domestic Work NC II227 HoursDomestic Worker, Houseboy, Cleaner
Dressmaking NC II275 HoursDressmaker, Garment Sewer
Driving (Articulated Vehicle) NC III108 HoursArticulated Vehicle Driver, Truck Trailer Driver
Driving (Passenger Bus/Straight Truck) NC III297 HoursPassenger Bus Driver, Straight Truck Driver
Driving NC II118 HoursProfessional Driver, Light Vehicle Driver
Drying and Milling Plant Servicing NC III256 HoursDrying and Milling Plant Service Technician
Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) Sinking Operation NC II301 HoursElectric Discharge Machine-Sinking Operator
Electric Power Distribution Line Construction NC II336 HoursElectric Power Distribution Line Worker
Electric Power Distribution Operation and Maintenance NC III220 HoursMaintenance Line Worker
Electric Power Distribution Operation and Maintenance NC IV234 HoursElectric Power Distribution Lead Line Worker
Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II196 HoursBuilding-Wiring Electrician, Maintenance Electrician
Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC III160 HoursIndustrial Electrician, Electrical Leadman
Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC IV516 HoursElectrical Foreman, Electrical Supervisor
Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing NC II260 HoursElectronic Products Assembler
Electronics Back-end Operation NC II80 HoursElectronics Back-end Operator
Electronics Front-of-line Operation NC II80 HoursElectronics Front-end Operator
Electronics/Semiconductor Production Line Machine Servicing NC III260 HoursElectronics/Semiconductor Machine Technician
Emergency Medical Services NC II960 HoursFirst-Aider, Medical First Responder
Emergency Medical Services NC III944 HoursEmergency Medical Technician
English as a Second Language – Beginners240 Hours 
English as a Second Language – Intermediate240 Hours 
English as a Second Language – Business English240 Hours 
Events Management Services NC III108 HoursEvents Coordinator
Facilitate e-Learning Session40 Hours 
Fashion Design (Apparel) NC III597 HoursFashion Illustrator (Apparel)
Film and Video Postproduction NC418 HoursMotion Graphics Artist
Fish Capture NC I352 HoursUltimo
Fish Capture NC II337 HoursMunicipal Fisherman
Fish Products Packaging NC II152 HoursFish Packaging Worker
Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance NC III186 HoursNet Mender Team Leader
Fishport/Wharf Operation NC I96 HoursFish Handler
Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) NC I156 HoursPlate Welder (FCAW)
Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) NC II268 HoursPlate Welder (FCAW), Pipe Welder (FCAW)
Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) NC III148 HoursPlate Welder (FCAW), Pipe Welder (FCAW), FCAW Plate Welder (Alloy Steel), FCAW Pipe Welder (Alloy Steel)
Food and Beverage Services NC II356 HoursFood and Beverage Service Attendant, Waiter
Food and Beverage Services NC III350 HoursAssistant Head Waiter, Head Waiter
Food and Beverage Services NC IV392 HoursAssistant Restaurant Manager, F&B Supervisor
Food Processing NC I197 HoursFood Factory Worker, Food Processing Aide
Food Processing NC II552 HoursFood Processing Worker, Packing Staff
Food Processing NC III900 HoursFood Leading Hand, Food Packaging Line Operator
Food Processing NC IV576 HoursFood Production Supervisor, Food Packaging Supervisor
Food Production (Professional Cookery) NC III551 HoursKitchen Supervisor, Head Cook
Food Production (Professional Cookery) NC IV862 HoursSous Chef, Executive Sous Chef
Footwear Making NC II640 HoursFootwear Maker, Shoemaker
Forging NC II68 HoursBlacksmith, Hammer Smith
Forging NC III72 HoursForging Machine Operator
Foundry Melting/Casting NC II90 HoursFoundry Melter
Foundry Melting/Casting NC III68 HoursFoundry Alloy Melter
Foundry Molding NC II120 HoursFoundry Molder
Foundry Molding NC III72 HoursJobbing Foundry Molder
Foundry Pattern Making NC II158 HoursFoundry Patternmaker
Foundry Pattern Making NC III112 HoursFoundry Patternmaker (Die Cast Mold)
Front Office Services NC II642 HoursFront Office Agent
Front Office Services NC III420 HoursFront Office Supervisor
Front Office Services NC IV516 HoursFront Office Assistant Manager, Guest Relations Manager
Furniture Making (Finishing) NC II212 HoursFurniture Maker Finisher
Game Programming NC III1,234 HoursGame Programmer, Game Tester
Garbage Collection NC I104 HoursPalero
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) NC I268 HoursPlate Welder (GMAW)
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) NC II418 HoursPlate Welder and Pipe Welder
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) NC III268 HoursGMAW Welder for Alloy Plate and Alloy Pipe
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) NC II354 HoursGTAW Welder, TIG Welder
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) NC IV294 HoursGTAW Welder for Plate and Pipe Alloy Steel
Gas Welding NC I156 HoursGas Oxy-Acetylene Welder
Gas Welding NC II234 HoursTruck Mounted Crane Operator
Grains Production NC II455 HoursRice Farmer and Grower, Corn Farmer and Grower
Hairdressing NC II674 HoursAssistant Hairdresser, Junior Hairdresser
Hairdressing NC III244 HoursSenior Hairstylist, Senior Hair Technician
Handloom Weaving (Upright) NC II509 HoursHandloom Weaver, Handloom Operator
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Front-of-line (FOL) Operations NC II80 HoursHDD FOL Operator
Health Care Services NC II1,025 HoursNursing Attendant, Nursing Aide
Heat Treatment NC II  
Heavy Equipment Operation (Articulated Off-Highway Dump Truck) NC II42 HoursOff-highway Dump Truck (Articulated) Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Backhoe Loader) NC II122 HoursBackhoe Loader Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Bulldozer) NC II156 HoursBulldozer Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Concrete Pump) NC II122 HoursConcrete Pump Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Container Stacker) NC II122 HoursContainer Stacker Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Crawler Crane) NC II162 HoursCrawler Crane Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Forklift) NC II156 HoursForklift Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Hydraulic Excavator) NC II216 HoursHydraulic Excavator Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Motor Grader) NC II156 HoursMotor-grader Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Overhead and Gantry Crane) NC III224 HoursOverhead and Gantry Crane Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Paver) NC II122 HoursPaver Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Rigid Off-Highway Dump Truck) NC II122 HoursOff-highway Dump Truck (Rigid) Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Rigid On-Highway Dump Truck) NC II122 HoursOn-highway Dump Truck (Rigid) Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Road Roller) NC II122 HoursRoad Roller (Compactor) Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Rough Terrain Crane) NC II156 HoursRough Terrain Crane Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Screed) NC I100 HoursScreed Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Tower Crane) NC III156 HoursTower Crane Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Transit Mixer) NC II122 HoursTransit Mixer Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Truck Mounted Crane) NC III264 HoursTruck Mounter Crane Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation (Wheel Loader) NC II218 HoursWheel-loader Operator
Heavy Equipment Servicing (Mechanical) NC II320 HoursHeavy Equipment Mechanic
Herbal Processing120 Hours 
Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II120 HoursHilot (Wellness) Massage Therapist
Horticulture NC III445 HoursIndependent Farmer
Housekeeping NC II436 HoursJunior Cleaner, Public Area Cleaner, Butler
Housekeeping NC III357 HoursHousekeeping Assitant Manager, Head Housekeeper
Housekeeping NC IV357 HoursLaundry Manager, Assistant Housekeeper Administrator
Ice Plant Refrigeration Servicing NC III672 HoursIce Plant Refrigeration Technician
Illustration NC II236 HoursCartoonist, Comics Artist
Industrial Sewing Machine Operation160 HoursTailor, Dressmaker
Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC II238 HoursInstrumentation and Control Technician 2
Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC III176 HoursInstrumentation and Control Technician 3, Process Automation Technician
Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC IV170 HoursInstrumentation and Control Technician 4, Process Automation Technician
Japanese Language and Culture N5216 Hours 
Japanese Language and Culture N4236 Hours 
Japanese Language and Culture N3246 Hours 
Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry) NC II842 HoursBasic Jewelry Fabricator, Jewelry Polisher
Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry) NC III1964 HoursJewelry Maker, Jewelry Engraver
Korean Language and Culture80 Hours 
Laboratory and Metrology/Calibration Services NC II94 HoursLaboratory and Metrology/Calibration Technician
Laboratory and Metrology/Calibration Services NC III96 HoursLaboratory and Metrology/Calibration Senior Technician
Land-Based Transport Mobile Air-conditioning (MAC) NC II712 HoursMobile Air-conditioning (MAC) Technician
Land-Based Transport Refrigeration Servicing NC II540 HoursLand-based Transport Refrigeration Mechanic/Serviceman
Landscape Installation and Maintenance (Softscape) NC II311 HoursLandscape Gardener
Lifeguard Services NC II980 HoursAquatic Lifesaver, Pool Lifeguard
Lifeguard Services NC III1,780 HoursAquatic Lifesaver, Pool Lifeguard
Lighting for Live Performances NC II275 HoursLighting Technician, Lights Crew
Local Guiding Services NC II196 HoursLocal Guide
Machining NC I374 HoursMachinist, Shaper Machine Operator
Machining NC II464 HoursLathe Operator, Milling Machine Operator
Machining NC III342 HoursPrecision Grinding Machine Operator
Marine Electricity NC II342 HoursCadet Marine Electrician
Masonry NC I123 HoursHelper Mason, Construction Helper
Masonry NC II221 HoursRough Mason
Masonry NC III144 HoursFinishing Mason
Massage Therapy NC II717 HoursMassage Therapist
Mechanical Drafting NC I218 HoursMechanical Draftsman
Mechatronics Servicing NC II158 HoursMechatronics and Automation Technician and Installer
Mechatronics Servicing NC III196 hoursMechatronics and Automation Programmer Technician
Mechatronics Servicing NC IV200 HoursMechatronics Technician, Industrial Automation Technician
Medical Coding and Claims Processing NC III210 HoursMedical/Clinical Coding Specialist and Claims Specialist
Medical Transcription NC II540 HoursMedical Transcriptionist
Metal Stamping NC II294 HoursMetal Stamping Press Operator
Microfinance Technology NC II403 HoursMicrofinance Loan Officer, Microfinance Socio-Economic Officer
Microfinance Technology NC IV885 HoursSupervising Microfinance Loan Officer, Microfinance Supervisor
Microinsurance Services (Mutual Benefit) NC II457 HoursInsurance Processors, Insurance Policy Processing Clerks
Milking Operation NC II160 HoursMilker
Mobile Phones and Handheld Gadgets Servicing NC III672 HoursMobile Phones and Handheld Gadgets technician
Mold Designing NC IV399 HoursMold Designer
Mold Making NC III612 HoursMold Maker, Mold Assembler
Moldmaking NC II106 HoursMold Maker
Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing NC II650 HoursMotorcycle/Small Engine Mechanic
Multimodal Transport Operations and Logistics (Seafreight Import) Services NC II273 HoursDocumentation Clerk, Liaison Personnel
Multimodal Transport Operations and Logistics (Seafreight Import) Services NC III261 HoursImport Coordinator
Multimodal Transport Operations and Logistics (Seafreight Import) Services NC IV205 HoursSeafreight Import Supervisor
Ophthalmic Lens Services NC II254 HoursOptician
Organic Agriculture Production NC II232 HoursOrganic Agriculture Farmer
Painting Machine Operation NC II178 HoursAutomotive Painting Machine Operator
Performing Arts (Ballroom Dancing) NC II300 HoursBallroom Dancer
Performing Arts (Dance) NC II271 HoursDancer
Performing Arts (Magician) NC II Novelty-Act Performer (Magician)
Performing Arts (Song) NC II271 HoursSolo Singer, Back-up Singer, Lead Singer
Pest Management (Vegetables) NC II312 HoursPest-Management Technician
Pharmacy Services NC III1048 HoursPharmacy Assistant
Photography NC II1782 HoursProfessional Photographer
Pipefitting (Metallic) NC II221 HoursPipefitter
Plant Maintenance NC I358 HoursPlant Maintenance Mechanic
Plastic Machine Operation NC II143 HoursPlastic Machine Operator
Plastic Machine Operation NC III145 HoursPlastic Machine Operation Supervisor
Plumbing NC I168 HoursPlumber I
Plumbing NC II202 HoursPlumber II
Plumbing NC III248 HoursPlumber III
Practical Nursing2580 Hours 
Press Machine Operation NC I294 HoursPress worker
Pressurized Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance NC II179 HoursPressurized Irrigation Technician
Process Inspection NC II98 HoursProcess Inspector, QA/QC Inspector
Process Inspection NC III85 HoursProcess Inspector Leader
Production of High-Quality InBred Rice, and Seed Certification, and Farm Mechanization155 Hours 
Programming (.Net Technology) NC III552 HoursFront End Web Developer, Web Application Developer
Programming (JAVA) NC III256 HoursJava Programmer, Software Developer
Programming (Oracle Database) NC III60 HoursApplication Developer, Forms Developer, Portal Developer
Public Employment Services NC IV1093 HoursPESO Manager
PV System Design NC III148 HoursPV System Designer, PV System Designer Technician
PV Systems Installation NC II484 HoursPV Systems Installation Technician
PV Systems Servicing NC III158 HoursPV Systems Repair Technician
Pyrotechnics NC II242 HoursPyrotechnician
RAC Servicing (DomRAC) NC II528 HoursDomRAC Technician
Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch NC II (II-4)108 Hours and 2 MonthsRating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch NC II (III-4)108 Hours and 2 MonthsRating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch
Real Estate Services NC II209 HoursReal Estate Salesperson
Reinforcing Steel Works NC II221 HoursReinforcing Steel (Rebar) Worker
Rice Machinery Operations NC II291 HoursRice Machinery Operator
Rigging NC I116 HoursRigger
Rubber Processing NC II162 HoursLatext receiver, Machine Operator
Rubber Production NC II322 HoursRubber Farmer
Sanitary Landfill Operations NC II102 HoursSanitary Landfill Facility (SLF) Spotter
Sanitary Landfill Operations NC III160 HoursSanitary Landfill Facility (SLF) Site Foreman
Scaffolding Works NC II (Supported Type Scaffold)181 HoursScaffolder
Seaweed Production NC II652 HoursSeaweed Farmer
Security Services NC I170 HoursSecurity Guard
Security Services NC II223 HoursSecurity Guard
Semiconductor Back-End Operation NC II80 HoursSemiconductor Backend Operator
Semiconductor Front-of-Line Operation NC II80 HoursSemiconductor Front-of-line Operator
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I418 HoursPlate Welder (SMAW)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II268 HoursSMAW Welder
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC III240 HoursSMAW Welder, Plate Welder (SMAW-Alloy Steel)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC IV168 HoursPlate Welder (SMAW-Alloy Steel), Pipe Welder (SMAW-Alloy Steel)
Ships’ Catering NC III (Ships’ Cooks)160 HoursShips’ Cook
Ship’s Catering Services NC I95 HoursMessman
Shoemaking Level I280 Hours 
Slaughtering Operations (Large Animal) NC II360 HoursSlaughterhouse Butcher
Slaughtering Operations (Swine) NC II280 HoursSlaughterhouse Butcher (Swine)
Solar Lighting System Assembly and Servicing126 Hours 
Speed Limitation Device Servicing NC II277 HoursSpeed Limitation Device Installer Technician
Structural Erection NC II42 HoursStructural Steel Erector
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) NC I124 HoursPlate Welder (SAW)
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) NC II194 HoursPipe Welder (SAW)
Sugarcane Production NC II603 HoursSugarcane Farmer
System Formworks Installation NC II156 HoursSystem Formworks Installer
Tailoring NC II275 HoursTailor, Dressmaker
Technical Drafting NC II206 HoursDraftsman, CAD Operator
Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (Copper Cable/POTS and DSL) NC II480 HoursTelephone and Broadband Technician, Copper Cable Technician
Telecom OSP Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) NC II320 HoursFiber Optic Cable Technician
Tile Setting NC II217 HoursTile Setter
Tinsmithing (Automotive Manufacturing) NC II126 HoursTinsmith (Automotive Manufacturing)
Tool and Die Making NC II598 HoursTool Maker, Die Maker, Machinist
Tour Packaging (Fit Ad Hoc Domestic) Services NC II337 HoursTour Packaging Staff, Staff Assistant for Tours
Tourism Promotion Services NC II76 HoursTourist Information/Desk Officer (LGU)
Trainers Methodology Level I (In-Company Trainer)204 HoursTraining Officer, In-Company Trainer
Trainers Methodology Level I (Trainer/Assessor)264 HoursTraining Facilitator, TVET Trainer, Competency Assessor
Trainers Methodology Level II (Training Designer/Developer)568 HoursCurriculum Designer, Training Designer
Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC II324 HoursTransmission Lineman
Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC III208 HoursSenior Transmission Lineman
Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC IV154 HoursTransmission Foreman
Travel Services NC II328 HoursTicketing Staff, Reservations Staff
Videography Film Production564 Hours 
Visual Graphic Design NC III487 hoursVisual Graphic Artist/Designer
Warehousing Services NC II263 HoursWarehouse Checker, Warehouse person, Dispatcher
Warehousing Services NC III248 HoursSupply Chain Specialist, Inventory Specialist
Warehousing Services NC IV537 HoursWarehouse Supervisor, Supply Chain Officer
Web Development NC III1188 HoursWeb Designer, Full-Stack Web Developer
Wood & Furniture Technology1 Year 

What are the 10 Most Popular TESDA Courses by Enrollment?

The 10 Most Popular TESDA Courses by enrollment include Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Cookery course, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, and Bookkeeping.

The table (chart) below illustrates the complete list of the top TESDA Courses by enrollment.

Top TESDA CoursesNumber of Enrollees
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Course II53000 Students
Cookery Course51000 Students
Food and Beverage Service Course51000 Students
Bread and Pastry Production Course48000 Students
Housekeeping Course44000 Students
Electrical Installation and Maintenance36000 Students
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Course I28000 Students
Computer Systems Servicing Course24000 Students
Bookkeeping Course24000 Students
Contact Center Services Course23000 Students

Note: Details were based on

top 10 tesda courses in demand Philippines

Does TESDA offer Free Online Courses (E-Learning)?

TESDA offers Free Online Courses (E-Learning) which are internet-based. Completing the Course entitles the student to a Certificate Of Completion.

Students who want to obtain a National Certificate or Certificate of Competency (COC), must go to the nearest assessment center to take the certification exam.

web based trainings and lessons

What are the Enrollment Requirements for TESDA Courses?

The enrollment requirements for TESDA Courses are an NSO birth certificate, at least 18 years of age, a High School graduate, having undergone a pre-training assessment (YP4SC/NCAE), a Barangay Clearance, and ID pictures with a white background.

Private institutions ask for additional requirements other than what was mentioned. It would be better that you visit their respective campuses and inquire about other documents that you need to submit to them.

How to Enroll in TESDA-Accredited Schools?

To enroll in TESDA Accredited schools, visit the TESDA website to find the schools offering the Course (education), inquire directly to the school about requirements, training duration, and fees, submit to the school the application form, and requirements, and pay the fees.

The video below will teach you to find the TESDA-accredited centers that offer the course that you want to enroll in.

What is the meaning of TESDA’s Logo?

TESDA is an acronym for “Technical Education and Skills Development Authority”. TESDA’s Logo signifies a human-like figure surrounded by a gear-like image which means “Industrial progress powered through focused manpower development.”


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