201+ Tesda Courses Offered in 2023 [Complete List]

Here are the Courses that TESDA is offering and the Enrollment Requirements for 2023. There are 201 plus face-to-face courses to choose from. You should also check the Top 10 in-demand TESDA Courses that have the highest number of enrollees included in this post.

TESDA’s offered Courses are spread across different fields of specialization. There are training programs that can help students learn new skills for their prospective jobs.

To name a few, TESDA has courses for those who want to upskill in Welding, Dressmaking, Cooking, Automotive, Electrician, Driving, and Food processing.

Graduates of the training institution are also competitive as they find jobs quickly. According to www.tesda.gov.ph, 7 out of 10 of their graduates find a job easily and 9 out of 10 employers are satisfied with their performance.
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What are the Top 10 Tesda Courses with the highest number of Enrollees

The Top TESDA Courses that have the highest number of students are from these Industries: Hospitality Services, Construction Services, Agri-Fisheries, and Information and Communications Technology. Here is the list:

  • 1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding Course II – 53 Thousand Students
  • 2. Cookery – 51 Thousand Enrollees Students
  • 3. Food and Beverage Service Courses – 51 thousand Students
  • 4. Bread and Pastry Production – 48 thousand Students
  • 5. Housekeeping course – 44 thousand Students
  • 6. Electrical Installation and Maintenance – 36 thousand Students
  • 7. Shielded Metal Arc Welding Course I – 28 Thousand Students
  • 8. Computer Systems Servicing – 24 thousand Students
  • 9. Bookkeeping course – 24 Thousand Students
  • 10. Contact Center Services Courses – 23 thousand Students

Note: Details were based on records released by ABS CBN News
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What are the TESDA Courses offered in 2023?

To help aspiring students decide what course to take, below are the 2oo plus courses that TESDA is offering.

  • 2D Game Art Development NC III Course
  • 3D Game Art Development NC III (NEW Course)
  • Able Seafarer Deck NC II (II-5)
  • Able Seafarer Engine NC II (III-5)
  • Agricultural Crops Production NC I, NCII and NC III Courses
  • Agricultural Machinery Operation NC II Course
  • Air Duct Servicing NCII Course
  • Animal Health Care and Management NC III
  • Animal Production (Poultry-Chicken) NC II, (Ruminants) NC II, (Swine) NCII Courses
  • Animation NC II, Animation (2D Digital) NC III, (3D Digital) NC III Courses
  • Aquaculture NC II
  • Artificial Insemination (Large Ruminants) NC II, (Swine) NC II
  • Attractions and Theme Parks NCII
  • Auto Body Painting Finishing NC I, NC II, and N CIII
  • Auto Engine Rebuilding NC II
  • Automotive Body Repairing NC II
  • Automotive Electrical Assembly NC II and NC III
  • Automotive Mechanical Assembly NC II and NC III
  • Automotive Servicing NC I, NC II, NC III, and NC IV Courses
  • Automotive Wiring Harness Assembly NC II
  • Bamboo Production NC II
  • Barangay Health Services NC II
  • Barbering NC II
  • Bartending NC II, and Barista NC II
  • Beauty Care NC II, and NC III
  • Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II, and NC III
  • Biomedical Equipment Services NCII
  • Bookkeeping NC III Course
  • Bread and pastry Production NC II
  • Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) NC II
  • Cable TV Installation NC II
  • CaTV Operation and Maintenance NC III
  • CAD CAM Operation NC III
  • Caregiving NC II
  • Carpentry Courses NC II and NC III
  • CNC Lathe Machine Operation NC II and NC III
  • CNC Milling Machine Operation NC II, and NC III
  • Commercial Cooking NC III, and NC IV
  • Computer Literacy Basic
  • Computer Systems Servicing NC II
  • Construction Lift Passenger Material Elevator Operation NC II
  • Construction Painting NC II and NC III
  • Consumer Electronics NC III and NC IV
  • Contact Center Services NC II (Call Center)
  • Cookery NC II
  • Culinary Arts Course
  • Customer Services NC II
  • Dental Hygiene NC IV
  • Dental Laboratory Technology Services NC I, (Fixed Dentures/Restorations) NC II, (Removable) NC II
  • Dental Technology NC IV
  • Diesel Power Plant Operation, and Maintenance NC II, and NC III
  • Domestic Work Course NC II
  • Dressmaking (Casual) NC II
  • Driving NC II, (Articulated Vehicle) NC III, (Passenger Bus/Straight Truck) NC III Courses
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Electronics Products Assembly and Servicing NC II
  • Emergency Medical Services NC II
  • Events Management Services NC III
  • Fashion Design (Apparel) NC III
  • Fish Capture Courses NC I, and NC II
  • Fish Products Packaging NC II
  • Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance NC III
  • Fish Port Wharf Operations NC I
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Food and beverage services NC II, NC III, and NC IV Courses
  • Food Processing NC I, NC II, NC III, NC IV
  • Footwear Making NC II
  • Language
  • Forging NC II, and NC III
  • Foundry Melting/Casting NC II, and NC III
  • Foundry Molding NC II, and NC III
  • Front office services NC II
  • Furniture Making (Finishing) NC II
  • Game Programming NC III
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding Courses NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding NC II, and NC IV
  • Gas Welding NC I, and NC II
  • Hairdressing NC II, and NC III
  • Health Care Services NC II
  • Heat Treatment
  • Heavy Equipment Servicing NC II
  • Hilot (Wellness) NC II
  • Horticulture NC II, NC III
  • Housekeeping NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Ice Plant Refrigeration Servicing NC III
  • Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry) NC II, and NC III
  • Laboratory and Metrology/Calibration Services NC II, and NC III
  • Line Construction (Electric Power Distribution) NC II
  • Machining NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Masonry NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Massage Therapy NC II
  • Mechanical Drafting NC I
  • Mechatronics Servicing NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Medical Coding and Billing NC II
  • Metals Stamping NC II
  • Microfinance Technology NC II, NC IV
  • Moldmaking Course NC II
  • Motorcycle Small Engine Servicing NC II
  • Ophthalmic Lens Servicing NC II
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II (NEW)
  • Painting Machine Operation NC II
  • Pattern Making NC II
  • Performing Arts_Ballroom Dancing NC II
  • Pest Management (Veg.) NC II
  • Pharmacy Services NC II
  • Photography NC II
  • Pipefitting NC II
  • Plant Maintenance NC I
  • Plastic Machine Operation NC II, and NC III
  • Plumbing NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Press Machine Operation NC I
  • Process Inspection NC II, and NC III
  • Programming NC IV
  • PV System Design NC III, Servicing NC III, Installation NC II
  • Pyrotechnics NC II
  • RAC Servicing (DomRAC) NC II – New
  • RAC Servicing (PACU-CRE) NC III (Amended)
  • Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch NC II (II-4, III-4)
  • Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing
  • Reinforcing Steel Works NC II
  • Rice Machinery Operations NC II
  • Rigging NC I
  • Rubber Processing NC II, Production NC II
  • Security Services NC I, NC II
  • Slaughtering Operations NC II (Butchery)
  • Structural Erection NC II
  • Submerged Arc Welding NC I, and NC II
  • System Formwork Installation NC II
  • Tailoring (Casual) NC II
  • Technical Drafting NC II
  • Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (Copper Cable-POTS and DSL) NC II
  • Telecom OSP Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) NC II
  • Tile Setting Course NC II
  • Tool and Die Making NC II
  • Tourism Promotion Services NC II
  • Trainers Methodology Level I, Level 2
  • Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC II, NC III
  • Visual Graphic Design NC III
  • Backhoe Loader NC II
  • Bulldozer NC II
  • Concrete Pump NC II
  • Container Stacker NC II
  • Crawler Crane NC II
  • Forklift NC II
  • Gantry Crane NC II
  • Hydraulic Excavator NC II
  • Motor Grader NC II
  • Paver NC II
  • Rigid off-highway dump truck NC II
  • Rough-Terrain Crane NC II
  • Screed NC I
  • Tower Crane NC II (Crane Operator)
  • Transit Mixer NC II
  • Truck-Mounted Crane NC II
  • Wheel Loader NC II

What are the Web-Based Courses in TESDA?

There is a total of 60 plus internet-based classes that aspiring individuals can take for free. After you finish the course, you will receive a Certificate Of Completion. Take note that the certificate of completion is not the same as NC or COC.

If you want to have a National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC), you need to visit the nearest assessment center and take the certification exam. If you passed, you can get the certificate. This offering requires learners to have a fast internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer.

web based trainings and lessonsCheck the list of online courses below:

Fruit Grower

Automotive Battery Servicing
Diesel Engine tune-up

Preparing Sandwiches

Cellphone Servicing
Solar Night Light Assembly

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition
Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Guest Room Attendant Servicing
Valet Servicing
Public Area Attendant Servicing
Laundry Servicing

Information technology
Animation (3D Digital)
Basic computer operation
CAM / CAD operation
Computer hardware servicing
Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3

Massage Therapy
Shiatsu Massage
Swedish Massage
Thai Massage

Microsoft Online Courses:
Game Development
Game Production Basics
Developing 2D Games with HTML5
Developing 2D, 3D games with Unity Software Game Developments Fundamentals
C# Fundamentals for Beginners

Food and Beverage Servicing
Waiter Servicing
Room Attendant Servicing
Bus Boy Servicing

Trainers Methodology I
Facilitate Learning Session

Trainers Methodology II
Curriculum Development

What are the Free Language Courses that TESDA offers?

Tesda also offers language education for free. Aspiring students just have to visit any accredited school and or language skills institute (LSI) that offers them. The available language training and duration can be found below:

Basic Arabic and Saudi / Gulf Culture – 100 hours
Basic Mandarin and Culture – 100 hours
Basic English – 100 hours
Basic Nihongo and Culture – 150 hours
Basic Korean and Culture – 100 hours (verify with tesda LSI if this course is still available)
Basic Spanish – 100 hours

Take note, not all TESDA LSI offer all the languages. So before going to the nearest LSI, call their office first to know if the course you are aiming to study is available with the school.

What are the In Demand TESDA Courses for Overseas?

These are courses that you should take if you want to work overseas after gaining years of experience from local employers.

There are 30 plus tesda courses in demand abroad, including agriculture, Food processing, Carpentry, Housekeeping, Slaughtering operations, Caregiving, Bartending, and Welding.

If you plan to study agriculture crop production, housekeeping, caregiving, CNC Lathe Machine operation, and welding, you can have the chance to land a job in Japan.

New Zealand needs carpenters, construction workers, machine operators, upholsterers, CNC program machinists, auto electricians, barbers hairdressers, truck drivers, and dairy farmers.

Australia needs pig farmers, automotive electricians, mechanics, welders, technicians electronics, and machinists.

Hong Kong needs domestic helpers. Singapore needs domestic workers, household workers, bartenders, and automotive technicians.

Macau needs servers, domestic helpers, an attendant in food and beverage, spa therapists, cleaners, hair technicians, electricians, and household workers.

The United Arab Emirates needs domestic helpers, aircon technicians, cleaners, welders, caregivers, electricians, machine operators, and hairdressers.

This only means that there are plenty of job opportunities overseas when you finished a Tesda course. So take and pass the assessment exam to acquire a certificate, and gain local work experience. When you have enough years of work experience then, that’s the time you should apply for work abroad in respective POEA-accredited manpower agencies.

What courses can you take in TESDA to Start your own Business or become Self-Employed?

Aside from capital, passion, and determining the products/services to offer to your customers. Another requirement is acquiring the skills or know-how to do your goods exceptionally well so you can generate income from it.

This section will give you an idea of the list of courses in TESDA that you may take to help you upskill as you start your own business.

Barbering NC II

Barbering is a service that you can offer to your customers that doesn’t require you a huge capital. It is also one of the essential services that will always be in demand because our hair will just keep growing.

You can immediately start this business at your house or you can offer a home service to your customers. The Barbering equipment that you need are Scissors, comb, clipper, barber cape, tissue, neck duster, Monoblock chair, and a mirror.

Cookery NC II and Commercial Cooking NC III

If you love eating but don’t know how to cook, then you have to take this course. And when you become skillful in cooking a dish, start a small eatery just outside of your house to earn an income from it. Alternatively, if you are an employee, you can sell dishes to your officemates to generate extra income. Most likely, you already have at home the equipment that you will use to start this business.

Bread and Pastry Production NC II

Do you like to bake so you can eat homemade cakes, bread, and pastries? Then you might want to take this TESDA course. This course will help you learn how to bake bread and types of desserts like cakes, tarts, and pretzels. When you are already making extremely tasty pastries then start selling them again to your neighbors and officemates as your additional source of income.

To start this business, the baking equipment that you need is an oven, baking pan, rolling pin, spatula, and measuring cups. The pricy equipment that you have to purchase is an oven.

Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II

You have the power to improve the wellness of other people by giving them a massage so good, they will forget their name. This course is also offered in TESDA-accredited schools.
Massage or Hilot has many benefits for the body. It can also benefit you by learning the skill and offering massage services to anyone who needs it. As a result, you will earn extra cash from it.

For this particular vocation, you need to purchase materials such as towers, oil, powder, and liniments as your medium when you render your service.

Meat Cutting / Industrial Meat Cutting

Meat Cutting is a skill that can help you find overseas jobs. It is also a skill to help you start a business such as retailing meat in wet markets in your area. This course can help you identify and process different cuts of chicken, pork, and beef. You can help your customers decide on the cuts of meat that they will need for a certain type of dish. You help them, and in return, they will help you to generate an income.

The equipment that you need to start this business is types of knives, a weighing scale, a freezer for storage of your goods, and starting funds to purchase pork, chicken, and beef.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II

If you are a technical type of person fascinated with complex electrical wiring and equipment, then take the electrical installation and maintenance training in TESDA. This can also help you find a job locally and abroad. Alternatively, you can offer your service as an electrician in your area and become self-employed.

The equipment that you need can be bought in nearby hardware stores or in malls. What’s really indispensable is the skill that you have as you render your service.

Carpentry NC II

Carpentry is a vocation that can uplift the lives of your clients by building them a beautiful home, bed frames, and cabinets. This skill can help you start your own business or find a job abroad. Learn this future-proof skill in TESDA and offer your service to your friends or neighbors. When you are really good, through word of mouth, your list of clients will grow. Before you know it, your income from being a good carpenter can support your family. By this time, you are already self-employed then you are your own boss.

The equipment that you need is also available in hardware stores. Buy those that are essential. Then as your income grows buy the remainder that will help you improve your output more.

Tailoring NC II and Dressmaking NC II

People will always need a tailor or a dressmaker. Especially those that make good quality clothing at an affordable price. TESDA-accredited schools offer both Tailoring and Dressmaking course. Take this training if you want to create your own design of clothing, or have the skill to alter ready-to-wear apparels.

There is one drawback, that is a sewing machine is a bit pricey. But, initially become an employee and then save a portion of your income until you can buy your own sewing machine. Once you have your own equipment, start creating your own products and your own tailoring shop. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

English as a Second Language for Beginners / Foreign Language Training

These are courses that can enhance your communication skills at the same time earn an income from them. Learn this skill and be so good at it. For example, become an expert in Japanese or Spanish, or mandarin language. Afterward, offer tutorial services to kids/students/adults in your area who genuinely want to learn the language. Charge them a fee of course.

Due to referrals from your previous clients, before you even notice, you already have a classroom full of students who eagerly want to learn the language you are teaching. Guess what, you already have your own business.

For this particular course, you need to invest a portion of your time every day to master your chosen language. Invest also in books and gadgets that will help speed up your learning.

Barista NC II/Food and Beverage Services NC II

Frappe or milk tea? It’s your choice. The good thing though, is you can learn to create your own version of those beverages. If you take Barista or food and beverage course offered by TESDA-accredited schools.

Normally, when you enroll in these schools the tuition fee covers the basic brewing kit which you can use as starting equipment for your coffee business at home. Initially, you can sell beverages part-time while saving your generated income to buy equipment so you can offer your other handcrafted coffee variations. If you are really good at what you do, people will line up and are willing to pay a premium price just to taste the beverage that you make.

There are a lot more courses in TESDA that you can take so you can become self-employed or become a business owner. As stated above, there are more than 200 courses that you can choose from.

What are the Courses in TESDA that Teachers should Take?

Teachers who are practicing their profession can tremendously enhance their skills and knowledge in teaching their students if they will learn any of the courses that TESDA is offering. Some of these courses are available online while some are available through hands-on classes.

English Language (available for free in TESDA LSI)

Teachers who want to have a refresher course in the English language can take this course. This is taught for free at the nearest TESDA LSI. The duration of this course is 100 hours.

Animation NC / 2D Animation NC II and III

Taking this course will help teachers learn to create computer-aided animations related to their lessons which they can present to their classes. Animations can capture the attention of their students, therefore, helping them to absorb the lessons quickly. The duration of this course is roughly 840 hours to 1040 hours.

Basic Computer Literacy / Computer Systems Servicing NC

In this digital age, having basic (or advanced) computer literacy is a must for teachers. This will help them troubleshoot basic computer issues. It will also help them to use basic computer programs. This course is available in TESDA-accredited schools. The duration of this course is 72 hours to 392 hours.

Visual Graphic Design NC

Who wants eye-catching lesson-filled decorations inside and outside the classroom walls? Let me guess, teachers and students. Teachers that have skills in Visual Graphic Design can create stunning visuals that can capture the attention of their students. The mind thinks through pictures as they. Teachers can fill their visuals with lessons to help students visualize the topics even when they are already gone home. This course is available in TESDA. Its duration is 487 hours.

Housekeeping NC

A clean and organized classroom can help students and teachers avoid being distracted. Moreover, make the classroom safe for students. Teachers can apply in the classroom setting the lessons they learned from the housekeeping course to make their classrooms tidy and safe. The Housekeeping course is available in TESDA. Its duration is 436 hours.

Emergency Medical Services NC

There are instances where things may get out of control (and you know what I mean) in the classroom or inside the school. Learning Emergency Medical Services NC will help the teachers to have the presence of mind in dealing with emergency situations that may occur in the school. The course can help them assess and evaluate the situation. And they can perform basic life support procedures if they have to. This course is available in TESDA with the duration of 960 hours.

Events Management Services NC

Are you familiar with “Buwan ng Wika,” “Family Day,” “Christmas Party,” and “Graduation Day”? Who organizes these events in School? The quick answer is “Teachers!” TESDA has an Events Management Services course that covers topics about event planning, and on-site event management. This will help teachers identify objectives, create concepts, design a theme during the event’s preparation, as well as deal with unforeseen situations during the event proper, among other things. The course has a duration of 108 hours.

Photography NC II

Teachers should also learn how to take pictures the right way using digital cameras or smartphones. This will help them capture memorable moments in their lives and of their students with effective use of their surroundings. Need I say more? The Photography NC II course is available in TESDA with a duration of 132 hours.

Film and Video Postproduction NC

Immortalizing funny moments during school events by learning how to edit and compile the footage into one video, is just one of the benefits of taking this course. Teachers can also use their learnings in this course to record lessons and upload them online so their students can replay them numerous times. The duration of this course is around 564 hours.

What are the Enrollment Requirements?

  • NSO copy of Birth Certificate
  • at least 18 years of age
  • High School graduate
  • undergone a pre-training assessment (YP4SC/NCAE)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • ID pictures with white background

Both public and private schools that offer TESDA courses request their enrollees to comply with these requirements.

If you wish to pursue training in private institutions, they may ask for additional requirements other than what was mentioned. It would be better that you visit their respective schools and inquire about other documents that you need to submit to them.
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How many Hours or Months to Complete a Tesda Course

You can finish a TESDA Course between 144 hours to 960 hours or 18 days to 6 months. This is possible if the training duration is 8 hours per day.

This depends on the school that offers the course. If you are in a hurry, it would be efficient to list down all the schools near your location that offer the same program. Compare which among them offers the shortest hours to complete the course.

For your reference, here are the duration (in hours) of the popular courses in Tesda for students:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II – 268 hours
  • Cookery NC II – 316 hours
  • Food and Beverage Services NC II – 356 hours
  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II – 141 hours
  • Housekeeping NC II – 436 hours
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II – 196 hours
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I – 268 hours
  • Computer Systems Servicing NC II – 280 hours
  • Bookkeeping NC III – 292 hours
  • Contact Center Services NC II – 144 hours

On the other hand, students can study online courses at their own pace and time. Fast learners can finish an online course in 40 hours or 2 weeks. Assuming the training duration is 4 hours a day. Meanwhile, language training can be completed between 100 to 150 hours.

Afterward, they can visit TESDA assessment centers to take the competency exam. If they passed, they will get a National Certificate (NC).

How to Enroll in Tesda Courses: 5 Steps

Here are the written steps for finding the school that offer your course of choice. I will also share here how to enroll in that school.

Step 1: Go to the website of TESDA to start with your enrollment

The official website is www.tesda.gov.ph. At the right portion of the website, you will see the Quick Links section. Go to the “Registered Programs.” It is where you can search for the 200 plus tesda courses available to aspiring students like you.

how to enroll tesda

Step 2: Search the school that offers the course

In this step, I will teach you how to find the school that offers the course that you want. Let us say you want to study “Automotive Servicing NC I or NC II” in Manila area.

At the “Registered Programs” page, you will be asked to type in your “Course,” “Name of School,” and “Location.”

What you need to do is just type in the course name and location. The website will then show you the list of schools that offer the course.

school details

Step 3: Take note of TESDA Accredited School Information

Based on the list of schools, shown in Step 2, check and collect all the data of each school. Get their address, and contact details. Find out about their Tech-Voc offered courses, and the number of hours of the course.

To make it easier for you, you just need to collect information about probably 3 to 5 schools that is nearest to your location.

course hours

Step 4: Inquire with the school about the course requirements

The reason you need to inquire about the requirements is that you have to know which school is offering the best possible scenario in your favor.

Check which of the school is nearest to your location, that offers the same course in the shortest number of hours to complete, and has the cheapest tuition fee.

You can visit their school or give them a call. It’s up to you!

Step 5: Enroll in the TESDA Accredited School

Were you able to compare all the factors that I point out in Step 4? Did you get the details of the school that offer the best scenario for you? If your answer is ‘YES,’ proceed with the enrollment.

List of TESDA Training Centers and Accredited Schools

In this part, you will find the address, telephone numbers, and emails of TESDA’s Main Office, and the respective district offices in Metro Manila. This post also includes locations of training centers and schools in some provinces in the country.

TESDA Main Office Address and Contact Details

Its Main Office is located in the city of Taguig in Metro Manila. The exact address is East Service Road, Taguig, 1630 in National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines. Its hotline number is (02) 888-5641 to 46. Email address is contactcenter@tesda.gov.ph.

Its noticeable landmark probably is its compound that has gates and walls painted in sky blue or blue. The design of the main building is unique and you will notice it immediately as it looks like an inverted pyramid.

Below are some of their district offices in Metro Manila including the contact details and addresses:

Tesda Training Centers District Offices

Office/Name : TESDA Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela (CaMaNaVa) District Office
Address: Victory Mall, Caloocan City
Contact Numbers: 287-2137 / 287-2915
Fax Nos. : 287-2915
Email: camanava@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA Quezon City District Office
Quezon City
Address: Quezon City Hall Compound
Contact Numbers: 927-9091; 426-7536; 929-2908
Fax Nos. : 927-9091
Email: qc@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA Manila District Office
Address: Lopez Bldg, Tayuman St., Tondo, Manila
Tel. Nos. : 5600155
Fax Nos. :
Email: manila@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name : TESDA Pasig, Mandaluyong, Marikina, San Juan (PaMaMariSan) District Office
Address: Neptali Gonzales Bldg., Rizal Tech. University
Contact Number: 534-2010
Fax Nos. :
Email: pamamarisan@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name : TESDA Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Taguig, Pateros (MuntiParLas-TaPat) District Office
Address: TESDA-NCR Bldg. TESDA Complex Gate 2 East Service Rd. South Superhighway
Contact Number: 810-5814
Fax Nos. : 810-5813
Email :muntiparlastapat@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA Pasay, Makati District Office Pasay, Makati
Address: Bldg2, Ground Floor Pamantasan ng Makati Gate I J.P. Rizal Ave, West Rembo
Contact Numbers:
Fax Nos. :
Email: pasmak@tesdancr.org.ph

Note: Some telephone numbers may not be working. The alternative way is to visit their respective offices. Their addresses can be seen above.

Watch the video to find the TESDA-accredited schools that offer the course that you want to enroll in.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TESDA Courses

Does TESDA accept Alternative Learning System (ALS) Graduates?

Yes, the training institution accepts applicants who are graduates of the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

This is actually good news as those who did not graduate from high school can study via ALS. Once they graduate, they can enroll in Tesda for their chosen course.

Read: TESDA Scholarship Programs, Online Application Process

How much is the tuition fee at Tesda

The tuition fee varies on the schools offering the Tesda course. Expect that private schools will have a higher tuition fee than state-owned schools. Even though both schools offer the same course.

Are there any courses for High School Undergraduates?

Unfortunately, there are no courses available for High School Undergraduates. According to the enrollment requirements, aspiring students should have finished High School to be accepted in Tesda-accredited schools.

It is highly recommended that those high school undergrads go back to secondary school (public or private) and finish the remaining years required there. Once they graduated from secondary school,  they can now study in any Tesda-accredited school.

What are the Lists of Short Courses in TESDA?

All the Technical and Vocational Education and Training that are available in TESDA are Short Courses. Short Courses are Training and Specialized Education that you can complete in a short period of time. You can finish these courses in a few hours to up to 6 months. Short Courses focus on particular skill sets and competencies that you can apply at work or in business. You may be able to receive a Certificate after you finish a Short Course.

What is TESDA, and what is the meaning of its Logo?

TESDA is an acronym that means “Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.” The Tesda logo is a human-like figure enclosed in a gear-like image.

It comes in different colors such as white, gray, or black, but in general, it is often in shades of blue. Most of the time it also has a white background. At the center, you will see a human (raising its arms) stick figure while it is inside the rotary gear-like image.
The head or the big blue dot represents Filipino skilled workers. The body or three connected lines at the center represents the foundation of the technical and vocational Education Training (TVET) system namely the private training institutions, industry, and the government.

The whole logo which is composed of the human figure enclosed with a gear-like image means that by focusing on manpower development we will empower industrial progress.

According to its official website, the institution was enacted as the Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994 or Republic Act No. 7796. The former president of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos eventually signed it into law in 1994. At present, TESDA offers school-based, center-based, community-based, and enterprise-based programs.

*I hope this helps


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  • leonardo delan

    i ash to tesda cavite about how can i ,avail training for which i will like to be an instructor or trainor to in any technical training center refresher couse to be come a trainor, i`m a mechanical engineering not license but my experiece is seaman ( engine department) im 53 year old which i will plan to shift to another job in local land job, i hope some body will help me at tesda cavite provincial office thanks.

  • Jose Diaz, Jr.

    Are you offering a “Barista Training Course” in Pampanga? Please advise.

  • Wilma lim

    When will the schedule be for culinary arts and where pls…tnx

  • madee ferraris

    just would like to know if you have training for medical transcriptionist and where? or do you have other courses offered (encoding) which i can make as a sideline home based…thanks so much!

    • Jerusalem Marbellagas

      Pwede po bang mag enroll sa tesda ng junior high school lang ang natapos?I’m grade 10 graduate

  • danica

    i want to inquire if tesda has training for professional lady bus driver,how much would it cost me and for how long and when is the enrollment.pls message me asap.thanks also i want to know the same if heavy equipment training is available

  • ichelli

    check Adventist University of the Philippines along tagaytay-sta.rosa highway

    • Melissa

      i want to know if TeSDa offered courses fot social worker

  • avhie

    good day! what are the courses offered in tesda taytay rizal?

    • Elisa pabalan lor

      I want to learn the massage theraphy,i am from Meycauayan Bulacan.

  • cleo libon

    I want to take baking and pastry short course but I don’t know which branch of TESDA should I go.
    Please help me find along Batangas or Lipa City..Thanks a lot

  • Matt

    Hi Nikko, I am not sure if there is always an available welding class in Taguig. I would suggest that you call their office for tuition fee and schedule concerns.

    • arnel alamban

      TESDA IV-regional traning cente, along batangas, barangay 6

  • Susan Marie Marasigan

    I would like to ask :
    > What is the procedure in applying for the dressmaking courses
    > How long will it take in taking the dressmaking courses
    > Is there a Saturday schedule only for dressmaking course
    > Is there any on line tutorial for pattern making ( dress )

  • Matt

    Hi Ederly, as far as I know you will be prioritized by tesda if you already have work permit coming from your employer. But I do suggest that you verify it with tesda to be sure.

  • Matt

    Hi Julienne Flor, the details are already in the post. Please check the enrollment requirements.

    • Matt

      Hi Ghe, I am not sure if they accept third year high school students to take tesda. As far as I know, tesda requires high school graduates.

  • steve

    hi.good day.
    im a foreigner that living in manila with trv visa.because my wife is filipino.
    id like to know can i enroll for tedsa course??

    thanks hoping for your reply

  • Alexander Barrot

    I am a militaryman and will be retiring December next year. I want to avail the Transition Assistance Program of the AFP through TESDA. How much is the tuition fee for Refrigeration & Airconditoning Servicing in TESDA taguig and how long it will take? Thank you so much.

  • Matt

    Hi Rishelle, I think high school diploma is one of the requirements of a Tesda accredited schools.

  • Floriano A. Allas jr

    is Tesda tuguegarao city cagayan valley offer 4g smaw? How long will it take me me to complete the course? How much is the tuition fee?

  • sheina maglinao

    hi me and my friends were looking for a frre training on farming or agriculture course in Tesda. Please let me know because we need a certificate for abroad purposes. How long will it take and what are the requirements to prepare.Thanks and God Bless.

  • ronalyn duenas

    im 16 years old, but i’ve already graduate in high school.
    Is it possible that i can have the the call center ?

  • judy

    Good day, what month do you started? My my son want to take automotive. How much tuition fee? Thank you @ God bless

  • sydney

    sir/mam can i ask if there is an photography NC II course here if you dont have can you give a name of a school that have a course of this

    tnx :)

  • eri santos

    can i qualified to enroll tesda courses,?
    although i didn’t grad. high school formally
    but I have been taken (als) alternative learning system, and i passed it.

  • enrique camral

    how can i start training to tesda im here in uae(united arab emerates) my mob.# 00971552145772 for building and contruction , interior decoration is better if you have

  • regie t. rivera

    i am an ofw here in saipan… jyst want to ask if my son can enroll at any of your short course offered… he just graduated from hs…he is 16 years old… i want him to enroll. is it pissible coz you said 18 is you minimum age… but he got hs diploma

  • maryjoysolon

    Helow may i ask? Im joy ahm what if i dont have assessment test/NCAI? I mean does it matter for enrolling? I was gradated in HS

  • jose sebastian

    Is there a traning school for heavy equipment operation (operator) in pampanga? Where place is this? How much & how long it takes?

  • alcast123

    Is there any courses on furniture and upholstery

  • Jacky Villegas

    Hi,ask ko lang po kung how much po ang enrollment fee for driving articulated trucks and how many days it will be finished ? Thank you

  • jory

    Are you offering a aircon technician course?

  • angeli alabat

    do you have saturday and sunday classes here in cagayan de oro city?

  • Keziah Sandra N. Chavez

    Good day!i am very interested to be a call center agent..but let me be honest with you, i dont have any experience in this job,but i want to learn and i am willing to be trained,.yes,I was surprised that therE is a free call center ,and that is located far from our home,.and i wanted to get information, if there is a free call center training here in Davao City,.if there is nothing ,may i know how much the tuition fee is?i wanted to study in TESDA Davao city .,i hope youre in a good health,. GOD BLESS

  • joenalyn

    How to enroll study online I want to study but I’m working hongkong now pls tell me and i need to study about the IT course.is it can take around 90 units pls sincerely yours thanks?

  • joenalyn

    Hello Tesda I’m really interested to study online please tell me how to enroll iwant to study as I.T and I need to take atlease about 90 units transcript of record are you allows for that and how much the tuition fee for it are going yo give me ny diploma and transcript when I finish the course I’m living outside the country of phillippines now let me say hk.pls tell me info bout this course IT.how to enroll? As soon as possible thanks godbless you all,

  • Ariel belan

    Good day…What is YP4SC/NCAE?my sons wants to enroll an IT COURSE in a center nearest Pasig, may I know where is this course offered and is there any contact number and a person to look for.
    It would be very much appreciated if you can send me an email as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much.God bless

  • lea cip

    is tesda always open for enrollment every month?when will be the last day of enrollment this 2015?

  • elizalde dilidili

    I wnt to undergo seminar/training for ncII for crops and animals. When and where the schedule?

  • jean marie gil booc

    hi this is jean marie,where i can find massage theraphy training center accredited in tesda near in lapu lapu city cebu .im always searching here in website for the massage training center in tesda here in cebu but only two place that i found but far in my place,i found in busay cebu city,then this one that i found also i am not sure if still open now ,located in alang alang mandaue city.where i can find the training center of massage theraphy here in cebu only.?can i know the places of training center of massage theraphy accredited in tesda just only here in cebu that also near in lapu lapu city cebu?

  • anna

    i would like to know if you have training for culinary arts and where pls.tnx

  • Donnie Santos

    How long will it take for taking Auto Body Painting Finishing NC I, NC II, and N CIII – Automotive Body Repairing NC II courses? Do you offer this courses at Pampanga? When it is possible to take?

    Thank you.

  • Anne Chan

    Hi Matt, thanks for posting this article! This is one of the most helpful articles about TESDA I’ve chanced upon online. Keep up the good work!

  • Hannah

    Hi Matt, thanks for this informative blog. May I ask if you have any idea TESDA offices opening on weekends? Thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Hannah, I am sorry I do not have idea. I suggest before going to any of their offices you can give them a call first to know if they are open on weekends.

  • Estrella Escubil

    Can i enroll on tesda even if i am only an ALS passer? And is there a tesda training center here in guadalupe, makati?

  • Sherly mijares

    Is there is a tesda branch here in caloocan or in quezon city that offers encoding? Thank you very much.

  • Noeme Mortel

    Good day I really interested I want to study But im work in qatar, I want to know how I enrol and I want to take food and beverage service.

  • jayson

    i just wanted to know that, if I take a wielding where should I go? And is it free for a person that couldn’t afford the tuition or other finances?

  • Ferwina

    Details about beauty care

  • Maryan

    Hi. may i know the contact no. Of the nearest tesda accredited school? I live in manila

  • clifford

    when is the enrollment? the is card, diploma, barangay and NSO im i right? and the NCAE result?

    • clifford

      the requirements is*

  • Danny V Delicano

    I want to learned more about computers?

  • Rowland MATINING

    Where’s location near in QC

  • Sylvester Perrett

    Is the courses in Beauty Therapy(NC2 and NC3) available at Tesda Colleges in Bohol providence? My fiance who is a Philipina girl is very interested

  • Wenn larimea

    I want to learned more about in computer.Is this Available here in kidapawan City?

  • Brionelle

    Good day!
    I would like to ask if its possible to Hold college course degree to pursue Tesda and after that, can i go back and continue my college course?
    Or is it possible also to take tesda while having my college degree?
    Please kindly answer
    Thank you very much

    • Matt

      I think tesda’s requirement is you need finish high school so based on that, you can study tesda.

      It is possible to study tesda while having college degree? I think it is also possible if your schedule permits it.

  • crystal Aranchado

    hi..what are the requirments when i enrolling TESDA plz kindly inform to my email .
    i want to learn as a dressmaking .?

    • Matt

      Hi I think what you are asking its already included in the post. Thank you!

  • ma victoria pesim0

    Good day ask ko lang po pwede po b mag aral sa tesda ang 3rd year high school electrician po course na kukunin thank you

  • John patrick vea

    Good day!
    I would like to ask if meron po kayo tesda training center here in san fernando la union that offers ship’s catering service NC 1 (messman) Thank you very much.

  • Marcelo P Ulep Jr

    Good day Sir/Madam,

    I would like to ask if you have a fish farming course, thanks.

  • Lardy Gallardo

    is there TESDA in Olongapo City or somewhere in Zambales Province

    • Matt

      There are tesda accredited schools in Olongapo city and also in Zambales.

  • Shane

    When will you offer visual graphic design course? Because i am interested to take the course.


    How to enroll an online course?

  • Roela palmes

    I want to enroll tisda online courses,but i dont know how…my day off is every Saturday…pls help me.

    • felipe raldo pagdilao

      i ask if they motor cycle mechanic here in TESDA . .
      Thanx. .

      • Matt

        Hi Felipe, tesda has a course related to motor cycle mechanic. It is called Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing NC II. You can check the video for steps on how to find the schools near you. Good Luck!!!

  • Ana may M. Calarion

    Hi mam /sir can you pls how to apply by enroll ar tesda by coursr housekeeping. And pms i form me what i will do to enroll by online.txns

  • carnell james a. aquino

    i want to learn electrical and industrial aircondition.
    i am here in ormoc city

  • Renato E Bautista jr

    Dear sir/maam
    Do you have auto detailing cources..in tesda .pls let me know..if you have thanks..

  • josemari cabrera

    Hi mam /sir can you pls how to apply by enroll ar tesda by course online curses

  • Meriam inopia

    How to enroll in tesda course online classes

  • Edwin Bayer

    Hoping TESDA would open additional short course like AIRCRAFT PAINTING which is high in demand local and abroad.

    • Matt

      That looks like an interesting course. I hope it becomes available in tesda.

  • Analee

    Do you hava a course Real Estate Services NC 11?



  • phil john braceros

    i have a favor asking lang po for entrance examination for free online classes and training location ko po ay region 11


    Good day po ask ko po kung pwede ba ako mag enroll online class tesda tourism po sana angeles city pampanga kung available pa at pano po mag enroll.salamat

  • ALDWIn

    Hello po pano po mag enroll sa EIM ng TESDA salamat po

  • Rolando Villegas

    I have taken up AM/TM course but did not completed it due to unavoidable circumstances. My only deficit was submission of module. How can I complete and be certified? Because I am intending to become an accredited Trainer/Assessor.

  • Marienelle Guce

    Hi, Good day!
    Just want to inquire what are your current Tesda course offer. Thank you so much

  • Jonel Bolaños

    I just want to inquire about your offered Tesda course now.

  • Melody Donoghue

    Is there a high school equivalency course for young adult?
    I have a relative who only managed to finish 4th grade. He is 21 years old now.
    I wanted to help him get some skill so he could have a better future.
    Is there still any hope for him to get the basic requirements needed to enroll in Tesda’s courses?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Matt

      Hi Melody, as far as I know, there is what you called “Alternative Learning System” or ALS. You can inquire about it in DEPED.

  • tabitha

    good day..meron po bang midwifery sa tesda?

  • JM Zipagan

    Good day!

    Can I ask,in TESDA, can you study again after you finished one course ?
    I finished “Barista”but i want to study again “welding”.


  • Kate

    do i need to pass my psa birth certificate as requirement in enrolling?

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