67+ FREE Online Courses (E-Learning) in TESDA for 2024

Online Courses, also known as “E-Learning Courses,” in TESDA refer to a list of Free Courses that are delivered to students remotely through digital resources.

TESDA’s free online courses include Fruit Growing, Automotive Battery Servicing, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Massage therapy, Beauty care services, Bread and Pastry Production, Cookery, and Food and Beverage Services. These online courses are under the sectors of Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Health Care, Information Technology, Maritime, Food and Beverage, and Tourism.

TESDA’s top 5 free online courses are Basic Computer Operation, Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3, Preparing Cakes, Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests, and STAR Online Training Program. This is according to the three-year data of the TESDA Online Program (TOP).

The tuition fee is free for all the online courses in TESDA. Students can study any of the Online Courses wherever they are and when they complete a course, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from TESDA.

The duration of the online courses in TESDA is between 60 minutes and 300 minutes (1 hour and 5 hours). The time will be spent watching instructional videos, reading lessons, and answering questionnaires.

The benefits of taking online classes in TESDA include learning multiple skills for free, studying at your own pace, reducing miscellaneous expenses, studying in a stress-free environment, and enhancing self-discipline.

There is also no age limit on enrolling in the online courses in TESDA.
free tesda online courses

Here is the List of Free Online Courses that You can Study in TESDA

Fruit Growing Course
Agro-Entrepreneurship NC II
Agricultural Crops Production NC II
Aquaponic Food Production NC II
Organic Agricultural Production NC II

Automotive Servicing
Automotive Battery Servicing
Diesel Engine Tune-Up Course

Plumbing NC II
Photovoltaic Systems Installation NC II

Electrical and Electronics
Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II
Renewable/Alternative Energy
Computer System Servicing NC II

Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)

Human Health / Health Care
Barangay Health Services NC II
Barangay Infectious Disease Management Services Level II
Massage Therapy NC II
Caregiving (Elderly) NC II
Contact Tracing Level II

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology
Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing (DOMRAC)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners
SMART Technopreneurship 101
Microsoft Online Courses – C# Fundamentals for Beginners
Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
Android 4.0 Programming in Java

Gender and Development (GAD)
Working in a Gender-Diverse Environment
Conducting Gender Analysis, Mainstreaming, and Planning and Budgeting

Lifelong Learning Skills
Getting your Business Online
Harnessing Social Media to Expand your Business
Digital Tools for Jobseekers
Managing your Personal Finances
Skills to Succeed Academy

Ship’s Catering NC III (update)

Social, Community Development, and Other Services
Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II

Bread and Patry Production NC II
Cookery NC II
Food and Beverage Services NC II
Front Office Services NC II
Housekeeping NC II

Process Food and Beverages
Food Processing NC II

21st Century Skills
Environmental Literacy
Digital Literacy
Language Literacy

International Labour Organization (ILO)
Job Readiness Courses (New)
STEM in TVET Workshop

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
Trainers Methodology I
Trainers Methodology II

For inquiries and other concerns, you can check the official website of Tesda.

How to Enroll in the Online Courses in TESDA

To enroll in the online courses in TESDA, log in to the e-tesda website, browse the online courses, and enroll in the chosen course. Below is the 4-step guide to the enrollment process.

Step 1: Visit the e-tesda website and log in to your Web Account

At the upper center part of the homepage, log in with your account. Type in your username and password and then hit the blue arrow or the log-in box.

Step 2: Browse the list of Online Courses

Tap the Courses link on the Navigation bar to see the courses that you can choose from.

Step 3: Enroll in the Course

Decide on what course to take then go to the “Enroll Me in this Course” link and then proceed to “Enrol Me.”

My example here is the “Fruit Grower” course under the Agriculture category. It is actually up to you what course to take.
example of courses in tesda

Step 4: You are Now Enrolled to the Course

View the available module for the course. Study all the lessons per module and watch the video tutorials (if there are any). Study at your own pace and on your own time.

After the enrollment process, Tesda will send you an email welcoming you to the course. Below is the sample email that I received from e-tesda.gov.ph.

e tesda online email after enrolled in the course

How to Register for the Online Courses in TESDA

Before you can enroll in the available online courses, you have to register for an online account. Below are 3 easy steps to register.

Step 1: Visit the e-tesda.gov.ph to register for a New Account

Go to the “Not yet Registered?” link which you find in the upper right corner of the homepage. The link will redirect you to a new page where you need to fill up an online form. Once done, double-check the information then tap the “Create my new account” link.
how to register in tesda online step 2

Step 2: Check your email for the confirmation link

Login to your email account and read the confirmation email the TESDA sent. The email has the link to confirm your new account.

Step 3: Receive a Registration Confirmation from TESDA

TESDA will inform you that your registration has been confirmed. You can see the notification in the upper middle portion of the homepage. Go to the “Continue” (blue button) link to log in with your online account. You can now proceed with the enrollment process.

Watch the video below for the complete registration and enrollment process:

Does TESDA have Face-to-Face Courses?

Yes, TESDA has 318+ face-to-face courses that students can choose from to upgrade their skills. These courses are offered by accredited schools and training centers of the training institution.


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