What are the TESDA Trainings for Teachers?

TESDA Trainings for Teachers are Training for Educators that increase their effectiveness in providing instruction or education for their students in schools. Teachers refer to Educators including Preschool Teachers, Elementary School Teachers, Middle School Teachers, High School Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Bilingual Teachers, and Vocational Teachers.

The TESDA Training for Teachers includes English Language, Animation, computer literacy, graphic design, housekeeping, emergency medical services, events management services, photography, and film and video production. Some of these trainings are available online while some are available through hands-on classes.

tesda training for teachers

Below is a brief description of each training.

English Language

Teachers who want to have a refresher course in the English language can take this course. This is taught for free at the nearest TESDA LSI. The duration of this course is 100 hours.

Animation (2D and 3D)

This course will help teachers learn to create computer-aided animations related to their lessons which they can present to their classes. Animations can capture the attention of their students, therefore, helping them to absorb the lessons quickly. The duration of this course is roughly 840 hours to 1040 hours.

Basic Computer Literacy / Computer Systems Servicing

In this digital age, having basic (or advanced) computer literacy is a must for teachers. This will help them troubleshoot basic computer issues. It will also help them to use basic computer programs. This course is available in TESDA-accredited schools. The duration of this course is 72 hours to 392 hours.

Visual Graphic Design

Who wants eye-catching lesson-filled decorations inside and outside the classroom walls? Let me guess, teachers and students. Teachers who have skills in Visual Graphic Design can create stunning visuals that can capture the attention of their students. The mind thinks through pictures as they. Teachers can fill their visuals with lessons to help students visualize the topics even when they have already gone home. This course is available in TESDA. Its duration is 487 hours.


A clean and organized classroom can help students and teachers avoid being distracted. Moreover, makes the classroom safe for students. Teachers can apply in the classroom setting the lessons they learned from the housekeeping course to make their classrooms tidy and safe. The Housekeeping course is available in TESDA. Its duration is 436 hours.

Emergency Medical Services

There are instances where things may get out of control in the classroom or inside the school. Learning Emergency Medical Services NC will help the teachers to have the presence of mind in dealing with emergencies that may occur in the school. The course can help them assess and evaluate the situation. And they can perform basic life support procedures if they have to. This course is available in TESDA with a duration of 960 hours.

Events Management Services

Are you familiar with “Buwan ng Wika,” “Family Day,” “Christmas Party,” and “Graduation Day”? Who organizes these events in School? The quick answer is “Teachers!” TESDA has an Events Management Services course that covers topics about event planning, and on-site event management. This will help teachers identify objectives, create concepts, design a theme during the event’s preparation, and deal with unforeseen situations during the event proper, among other things. The course has a duration of 108 hours.


Teachers should also learn how to take pictures the right way using digital cameras or smartphones. This will help them capture memorable moments in their lives and of their students with effective use of their surroundings. Need I say more? The Photography NC II course is available in TESDA with a duration of 132 hours.

Film and Video Post-production

Immortalizing funny moments during school events by learning how to edit and compile the footage into one video, is just one of the benefits of taking this course. Teachers can also use their learning in this course to record lessons and upload them online so their students can replay them numerous times. The duration of this course is around 564 hours.

How many Courses does TESDA offer?

TESDA offers more than 318 Courses delivered in a school setting (face-to-face). Some of the Courses that TESDA offers include Agricultural Crops Production, Audio Production, Automotive Body Painting, Bamboo Production, Beekeeping, and Milling Machine Operation.


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