How to Use the Text SSS Service and SMS Codes List

Text SSS facility is another service that SSS offer to reach out to their members. To avail of this service, you only need to text a list of SMS codes using your mobile device and send them to 2600.

SSS will then send you an SMS reply containing the information that you want to find out. It can be about the status of your loans, benefits claim, documents, and even the satellite office locations.

SSS launched the text-sss service back in February 2010. It is available to members who have a cellphone and is a subscriber of Smart, Globe, SUN, or any telco network in the Philippines.

The text sss service facility only needs a network signal to function properly. It does not need a 3G or 4G internet connection. You can even use your old Nokia phones with TFT screens to enjoy this service. Consider this service as an alternative to the “mobile app” and “member portal” website which requires a fast wifi or internet connection to function.

Steps to Register to Text SSS Facility

You need to register to the text sss facility to be able to access your information via SMS. Before you continue to the next step. Make sure that you have at hand your sss number. Also, you have enough cellphone load. The fee for every successful text transaction is Php 2.50.

To register to TEXT SSS service, on your cellphone compose a text message in this format:

SSS REG <SSS Number> <Birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format>

For example: SSS REG 3398765432 12/20/1990

Afterward, send it to 2600

Once you are successful. The text sss facility will then send you a text message containing your 4-digit system-generated personal identification number or PIN. The PIN serves as a security protection for your personal details. You need to input the latter along with the SSS codes every time you will avail of the text sss service.

text inquiry social security system

How to Reset SSS PIN Code

Since the 4-digit PIN is system generated and not user-generated. There is a chance that you might forget it. If that is the case, you can reset your PIN by sending this sss code to 2600:

SSS RESET <SS Number> <BDAY in mm/dd/yy format>

For example: SSS RESET 3398765432 12/20/1990

Send to 2600

Be reminded that every text will cost you Php 2.50 so only ask what you want to know. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can use this facility to know your loan status, loan balance, and other stuff. Here is the list of codes for your sss-related concerns.

List of Text Codes to check the Status of SSS Claims

  • SSS STATUS Retirement <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Disability <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS ECMed <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Death <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Maternity <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Funeral <SSS Number> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Sickness <SSS Number> <PIN>

For example SSS STATUS Retirement 3398765432 4321 or SSS STATUS Maternity 3398765432 4321

Send it to 2600

sss text codes for sms list

Text Codes for Documents requirement for filling a benefit claim

  • SSS DOC Sickness
  • SSS DOC Maternity
  • SSS DOC Death
  • SSS DOC Funeral
  • SSS DOC Retirement (for retirement documents for less than 65 years old members)
  • SSS DOC Retirement Minor (for retirement with dependents who are minors)

Send it to 2600

To inquire about Loan Status, text SSS LOANSTAT <SS Number> <PIN>

To inquire about Loan Balance, text SSS LOANBAL <SS Number> <PIN>

To inquire about PRN, text SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN> <BDAY mm/dd/yy format>

To inquire about contribution, text SSS CONTRIB <SS Number> <PIN>

To know the sss branch nearest to your location, text SSS BRANCH <City> or <postal code>

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Through the years, SSS has made significant improvements to its physical establishments and its online facilities. This is to ensure that they can accommodate the growing number of SSS members. As of the moment, the members can take advantage of the three ways to reach out to SSS. These are by visiting their branches, through the SSS member portal online, and by using the text sss facility.

It is now in the hand of the members to decide which of the three options they would want to avail. If you have concerns that need an immediate response the best way is still by visiting the branch. For minor concerns such as documents inquiry and locating the satellite offices, you can use the sss website and the text sss facility.

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