The Gifted Starring Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Milby Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer of The Gifted, another much awaited film from Viva films starring Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Milby.

On August 9,2014 (Saturday), Viva Films has released the official trailer of movie The Gifted via its youtube channel. Starring Anne Curtis (Zelda Olezia Eloize Gomez Tuazon), Cristine Reyes (Aika), and Sam Milby (Mike Ferrer).

the gifted official trailer

Cristine Reyes and Anne Curtis Before

The story revolves initially between two intellectually gifted students and best of friends, Zoe and Aika. They always rivaled during their elementary years as to who should be top of their class. Aika apparently came on top, and Zoe is being pressured by her parents to know how she could become better than Aika.

anne curtis and cristine reyes

Cristine Reyes and Anne Curtis After

Later on, the two girls met Sam Milby (Mark Ferrer), the handsome boy in school. Their rivalries get worse as now they are not only fighting for higher grades but also for him. The two even went under the knife just to gain the attention and heart of Mark. Who’s going to win? Lets soon find out.

Watch The Gifted Official Trailer below:

“Love is nothing but a series of chemical chain reactions inside the brain” – Zoe

The Movie will be hitting the cinema screen on TBA, directed by Chris Martinez.

In 2011, Cristine Reyes and Anne Curtis previously starred in blockbuster tagalong romantic-drama film, ‘No Other Woman’ where they also rivalled to win the heart of Ram (Derek Ramsay). Ram however, is married to Charmaine (Cristine) and Kara (Anne) tries to get him from her.

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  • Marsy

    Perfect movie! I had so much fun….and inlove at the same time <3

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