The Voice Kids Philippines Top 6 Semi-Finalists, Profile and Pictures

The Voice Kids Philippines will air one of its most anticipated event on Saturday July 19,2014 as it will showcase live performance of the top 6 semi-finalists of the reality singing competition.

Coached and trained by local music icons – Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Manalac, and Lea Salonga, the top 6 semi-finalist will sing their best to woo the viewers to vote for them so they can go to the finale. Unfortunately, only the top 4 semi-finalist who got the highest votes will advance to grand finals.

Each of the coaches has two representatives, which were chosen during the team’s sing-off performance. Team Sarah will be represented by Lyca Gairanod (9 y/o) and Darren Espanto (13 y/o). Juan Carlos Labajo (13 y/o) and Edray Teodoro (13 y/o) will make up Team Bamboo. Team Lea will be made up of Darlene Vibares (9 y/o) and Winston “Tonton” Cabiles Jr. (11 y/o).

Profile of The Voice Kids Top 6 Semi-Finalists

winston cabiles jr

Winston Cabiles Jr. (11 y/o) is from City of Naga Cebu. He performs “Dance with My Father” by Luther Vandros during the blind audition which he dedicates to his father who is working in the United States. During Team Lea’s sing-off, he performed “It will Rain” by Bruno Mars.

darlene vibares

Darlene Vibares (10 y/o), her father is a trycycle driver and mother is taking up BS Education. She has three siblings. She sang “Girl of Fire” by Alicia Keys during blind audition. During sing-offs she performed “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson.

juan karlos labajo

Juan Karlos Labajo (13 y/o) is a very funny guy from Cebu, according to him, he was named after the King Juan Karlos of Spain. He performed “Grow Old With You” which he dedicates to his mother who passed away last November 2013. At the Sing-offs, he performed “Stay” by Rihanna.

edray teodoro

Edray Teodoro (12 y/o) belongs to Team Bamboo. She performs “Killing Me Softly” during the blind audition. At the sing-offs she performed “Tulak ng Bibig” by Julian.

lyca gairanod sings dance with my father tagalog version

Lyca Gairanod (9 y/o), her family do trading as their source of income. She performed “Halik” by Aegis at the blind addition and soon enough, Sarah wanted her to the team because they were match made in heaven. At the sing off, she wows again the viewers with her rendition of “Dance with my Father” (Tagalog version).

darren espanto sings listen by beyonce

Darren Espanto (12 y/o) is Filipino from Calgary Alberta Canada. He only went to the Philippines to audition in The Voice Kids Philippines. He performs “Domino” by Jessie J during the blind addition which earned positive remarks from both Bamboo and Sarah. They also beg him to be on their team. During the sing-offs, he performed “Listen” by Beyonce.

I was able to watch the top 6 semi-finalist during their blind auditions, and sing-offs. In my opinion, the top 4 finalist that will have the chance in the Grand Finals are Darlene Vibares, Winston Cabiles Jr., Lyca Gairanod, and Darren Espanto. Although, I heavily favoured Team Sarah’s representatives to bag the title and become The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 grand winner.

How about you? Who among the 6 finalists got your support?

Watch The Voice Kids Philippines every Saturday at 6:45pm, and 7:30pm every Sunday.

*Image screen grab from TVK PH official website

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