What are the Theme Songs of OFWs?

Theme Songs refer to the Tagalog (OPM) songs and English songs that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) often like to sing or listen to while they are working abroad.

These songs make them feel happy, sad, inspired, and hopeful.  Furthermore, these songs also make them remember their loved ones who are in the Philippines, which causes them to often break down in tears.

These theme songs are timeless because they will always be relatable to OFWs. Especially when OFWs are about to leave to commence their work abroad and when the airplane they are into is about to land at one of the Philippines’ International Airport for their short work holiday to be together with their loved ones.

theme songs overseas filipino worker ofw

Some of the song’s lyrics talk about OFW’s struggles abroad, sad stories, and sacrifices just to provide a better future for their families. Some of the messages in the song talk about how they miss their loved ones.

Here are the Theme Songs of OFWs

Babalik Ka Rin by Gary Valenciano

Babalik Ka Rin (You Will Come Back Too) is a song performed by Gary Valenciano. It was written and produced by Louie Ocampo for a campaign by Duty Free Philippines dedicated to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Babalik Ka Rin is a song meant to remind OFWs whether they are working in Saudi, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, or Australia that the Philippines is always a place they can come back to.

OFW Song (Sakripisyo) by Rhold

OFW Song (Sakripisyo) is a song performed by Rhold (according to Youtube). The song talks about OFWs as they endure sadness due to loneliness just to fulfill the promises and dreams of a prosperous and healthy life for their families in the Philippines. The song also shared about the OFWs’ resentment of some of their families because they forget to check the condition of their OFW relatives abroad.

Maghihintay Ako by Jonalyn Viray

Maghihintay Ako (I Will Wait) is a song performed by Jonalyn Viray and arranged by Albert Tamayo and written by Dante Bantutua.

The song talks about a couple, the male needs to leave for an Overseas Job or as OFW, to fulfill the promise for his better half. The female then reminds the male to take with him their joyful memories and she is willing to wait until he comes back home.

Kung Ikaw Ay Mangibang Bansa (Lyrics) by Rex Guiadel

Kung Ikaw Ay Mangibang Bansa (If You Went to Foreign Country for Work) is a song performed by Rex Guiadel on YouTube. The song is mainly about an OFW who gives advice to outgoing OFWs about the proper mindset (traits) when working in a foreign land. Furthermore, he also gives advice to the family he left in the Philippines to be frugal about the money they received from his remittances.

Buhay Abroad by Rodney Gungob

Buhay Abroad (Life Abroad) is a song performed by Rodney Gungob on YouTube. This song is about an OFW who shared his life while working abroad. The lyrics talk about the wrong perception of working abroad plus he must deal with loneliness from being far away from his loved ones.

Hanggang Kailan (Umuwi ka na baby) lyrics by Orange and Lemons

Hanggang Kailan (Umuwi Kana Baby) in English “Until When (Come Home Baby),” is a hit single by the band Orange and Lemons. The song is about loved ones in the Philippines who long for the return of their OFW partner. The song’s lyrics talk about the loved ones left in the Philippines the struggle of being alone, dealing with fear of the partner falling out of love, and the stress of waiting for the return of his/her OFW partner.

Home by Michael Bublé

Home is a song written and performed by Michael Buble. The song is about a person who travels abroad supposedly for work but wants to go home. The song’s lyrics talk about the person’s strong desire to go back home simply because he missed his loved ones.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

A Thousand Miles is a debut song of Vanessa Carlton released in February 2002. Every OFW who started working abroad in the early 2000s can relate to this song, particularly the part of the lyrics that says “Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you tonight.” This song is mostly appreciated by OFWs who are in their mid-twenties are single and are in a long-distance relationship (LDR).

What is the appropriate Bugtong for OFWs?

The appropriate Bugtong for OFWs is “Bagong Bayani at ang sandata nila ay lakas ng loob at talino.” Because OFWs are called by the former President of the Philippines as “Bagong Bayani” or modern day heroes.

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