These 3 Countries need 100000+ Filipino Skilled Workers Combined

These three countries roughly need 100,000 plus Filipino skilled workers. They are Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand.

New Zealand needs an estimated 33000 Filipino workers in 2018. The country offers approximately 100,000 pesos per month starting salary for skilled workers.

NZ needs Nurses, caregivers, Engineers, Architects, teachers, construction workers, manufacturers, and service industry workers.

Taiwan has 80 new job orders which have a starting salary ranging from twenty to thirty thousand pesos per month. The new job orders are available for Filipino workers that have work experience as machine operators, maintenance technicians (refrigeration and air conditioning), bakers, cooks, food analyst inspector, mason, and construction workers.

Japan has 80,000 new job orders under the Japan – Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). Japan needs workers in the health care sector, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture industries.

Interested job seekers can check the list of job orders at the official website of POEA. The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency reminded the interested applicants to be vigilant and to stay away from illegal recruiters local and abroad.

Applicants can also visit the government agency’s website to know the license status of the recruitment agency.

For the complete details you can watch the news report from 24 Oras below:

To check the available job orders on the official website of POEA website, you can go to At the middle-right part of the website, there is a yellow box that says “approved job orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies.”

You will be redirected to a new page where POEA will ask you to choose between “Search available job orders by position,” “Search available job orders by country,” and “Search available job orders by the agency.”

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You need to choose the “Search available job orders by country,” Then on the new page, select the country of your choice.

At the drop-down, you need to choose New Zealand, Japan, or Taiwan to see the list of job orders for the aforementioned countries.

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