7 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Having a hard time to sleep well at night check the following tips from Health Care Magazine. Who knows you might be doing some of it that are why you can’t sleep at night.

Lack of sleep reduces productivity and exposes you to greater risks. When the length of sleep falls to six hours or less, the problem may arise, including various health problems and a decline in performing day-to-day tasks, decision-making skills, and attentiveness.

The recommended amount of sleep is seven to eight hours a day, but individuals’ need for sleep varies. It is important to be well-rested through the night to avoid problems. The U.S. National Institutions of Health offers these tips for good night sleep.

7 Tips to Enjoy a Good Night Sleep

  1. Have a regular sleep schedules

  2. Avoid exercising or strenuous activities at least five or six hours before bedtime

  3. Avoid stimulants, including nicotine and alcohol before bedtime

  4. Take only small meals at night

  5. Don’t take naps late in the afternoon

  6. Relax with a hot bath, a good book, or soothing music before going to bed

  7. If you can’t sleep after more than 20 minutes in bed, do something relaxing until you feel sleepy. Anxiety over not being able to sleep can make sleep more difficult.

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