Tips on How to Boost Sun Broadband Internet Speed

It has been three days since I started to go online using sun broadband wireless. On the first two days, I got so disappointed with my internet connection since it loads so slow averaging download speed of 50 to 60kBps. This is, despite the fact that I have signal strength of 5 bars at HSDPA, which is the highest signal strength that conventional broadband USB dongle can have. I have searched and tried several tips on how to boost broadband signal speed, but then there seems no effect since my connection already is at the maximum level.

Today at 1:30AM, out of desperation of experiencing again slow internet connection I decided to try to connect with my sun broadband wireless using different profile name setting. I usually chose sun internet to connect online, but since it consistently has slow connection, I chose sun broadband standard. After doing so, I notice that my connection become responsive in the sense that web page loads faster (as in every web page) and youtube videos have less buffer time. Download speed is also very much at far as compared to the speed test I’ve done few days ago.

sun broadband standard

I don’t know if this occurrence is just a coincidence or what, but then I suggest that you try to connect with the same profile name (sun broadband standard) to have firsthand experience of what I am talking about here.

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