TNT UTP15: How to Register Easily

The UTP15 promo from TNT will allow you to do unli calls and texts, send 50 text messages to other networks, and enjoy 30MB of data that you can use for social media, and games. Here are the complete details of the TNT UTP15 promo and how you can register for this awesome offering easily.

TNT prepaid users like you are going to enjoy yet another sulit offer from the telco called the UTP15. It will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends for two consecutive days.

The reason is you can Call or send them SMS as much as you want for 48 hours. You will also be able to send 50 SMS to your acquaintances from another network.

If you think that offer is not enough, UTp15 also comes with 50 MB of data that you can use to connect with your friends on social media such as Facebook. Alternatively, You can use the latter to enjoy mobile games such as Clash of Clans with your online gaming buddies.

So far,  utp15 is the cheapest promo offering from Talk N Text (TNT) that comes with many perks. The latter would basically cost you 15 pesos only for two days. The cost is much lower if compared to a round-trip jeepney ride hahaha.

utp15 tnt registration and how to extend

TNT UTp15 Offerings Summary

  • Unlimited calls and text to fellow smart sun and tnt subscribers
  • 30 MB mobile data for social media apps such as facebook, Twitter and Viber. You can also use the data for online games such as clash of clans and dubsmash.
  • 50 text to other networks such as globe and tm
  • Comes with 2 days validity

How to Register to Utp15

If you will register on your own. Verify that You have a regular load balance that is higher than 15 pesos.

Afterward, on your mobile device, type UTP15 then send it to 3545.

Assuming you do not want to use your regular load. You can go to any tnt eloading station near you. Tell the vendor to register you to utp15 of tnt.

Once you are successful with the registration. You will receive a confirmation message from tnt.

How to extend your subscription for one more day

Just a reminder, this offering has a validity of two days. The good news is you have the option to extend it.

If you wish to extend the promo for another 1 day. You have to check first if you still have a load balance equivalent to 5 pesos.

Afterward, with your tnt powered phone, text EXTEND and send it to 4545.

Keep track of the expiration date of your utp15 and make sure to extend it before its due date. Otherwise, you have to register for a fresh utp15.

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