Top 7 Graduation Songs in the Philippines Lyrics and Video

Graduation Songs refer to the songs that are often played as background music during commencement ceremonies in the Philippines for elementary school education, high school education, and university education.

Graduation has always been a memorable milestone in our lives. It is proof that we have leveled up in terms of knowledge and skills. It is also a symbol that we outgrow the challenges and struggles of student life.

This event is often followed by a celebration. Either by eating at a restaurant, receiving gifts or on an extravagant out-of-town trip courtesy of our parents.

While it is true that graduation is mainly our success, it is also considered the success of our parents. Because they are the ones who guided us for decades so we can find our way in the right direction. From the moment we step foot in the preschool classroom up to the time we leave the university, they are there to support us.

Sometimes, Graduation is the moment when friends part ways to pursue their dream careers abroad or in the province. Some further advanced their knowledge by enrolling in graduate studies, while others started entering the corporate world.

Aside from the big event and memories, do you know what brings the students to tears during graduation? It’s the different graduation songs played as the background music.

I have here the list of popular graduation songs that we usually hear at the said event. Perhaps, hearing these songs again will help bring back memories of our elementary, high school, and even college days.

The reason I also list this down is to help you graduating students and school personnel kickstart your search for timeless graduation songs. So here are the lists of songs that you can include in your playlist. I only have here a few so if you think I missed a LOT kindly suggest songs in the comment.

best graduation songs philippines

Here are 7 Most Popular Graduation Songs in the Philippines

1. Remember me this way by Jordan Hill (though I have here the male version)

This is the first song of singer-songwriter Jordan Hill which debuted in 1995. It was produced by David Poster. This song became so popular after it was used as a theme song in “Casper,” a comedy-drama movie of 1995.

2. Special Memory by the Company

This song is a classic. It was released in 1997 and was sung by the vocal group band “The Company.” It is also part of their album titled “Legends Series.” There are renowned artists like Lea Salonga who come up with their own rendition of this song.

3. Thanks to You by Tyler Collins

This song was performed by the American R&B singer, Tyler Collins. It was released in 1994 and is part of the album “Andre.” The song was also featured as the ending theme song in the said comedy-drama film.

4. Farewell by Raymond Lauchengco

This song was written by Odette Quesada and performed by Raymond Lauchengco, a Filipino artist. A 1980’s ViVa film movie “Bagets” used this song as part of its soundtrack.

5. The Journey by Lea Salonga

Internationally renowned Filipina singer and actress – Lea Salonga sung this song. It was released on 1993 under the album “Lea Salonga.” Julie Gold is the original composer of the song.

6. Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

The alternative title of this song is “Friends Forever (Graduation).” It was the third single of the American pop singer Vitamin C. It was released in 1999 as part of her self-titled debut studio album in March 2000.

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7. High School Life by Sharon Cuneta (for high school graduation)

Singer and actress, Sharon Cuneta popularized this classic song during the ’80s. High School Life is a song written by George Canseco. It was part of Sharon Cuneta’s “Special Collector’s Edition: Sinasamba Kita” album released in 1994.

* Credits to youtube for this list of top graduation songs

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